Bookmark This: Here Are Dubai’s Best Salons & Hair Stylists

Bookmark This: Here Are Dubai’s Best Salons & Hair Stylists

Now this is a page you will want to bookmark.

Finding a good hairdresser that you can rely on to keep your tresses in tip top shape is as hard as finding that LBD that will fit you in all the right places – virtually impossible.

Luckily, we’ve tried and tested a host of hair stylists and salons in the region and have shortlisted our favourites. We will continue to update this list so save it and check in on us, your most trusted friend, from time to time.

The salon: Colour Masters, Unit 7, Level B1, Jewels Tower 2, Dubai Marina, 055 478 3882

Colour Masters

Hairdresser to ask for: Khaled Kahel

The service: If you’re after natural blonde highlights with a side of serious real talk, then Colour Masters in Dubai Marina (and soon DIFC) is the place for you. We’re calling it: this is the number one salon for blondes in the city.

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Run by the passionate and perfection-seeking Khaled Kahel, the team here are experts in both colouring and extensions.

“We shouldn’t rely on clients to voice their opinion,” Khaled explained to us last time we visited. “Like I shouldn’t have to know about the process of the dentist,” he added, “I should rely on that expert to know what they’re doing and explain the options to me.” Hear hear!

We went in to see Khaled with some particularly dodgy balayage regrowth and explained to him that the colour had never worked for us. “Ah,” he exclaimed, “my mum could do balayage. And stylists don’t educate people about what balayage means, and how they will have to style their hair EVERY day when they have it.”

He even stopped us from buying something when we said we were thinking of investing in a curling iron soon. “People sell things like curlers and show clients YouTube tutorials where it looks so easy, but those people in those videos are really talented and so people end up disappointed.

“Look in most people’s bathrooms and they will have six products they don’t need. I’d rather have a return client than just sell people things.”

We love the honesty, and we will return – we left Khaled’s care with fresh, natural and varied blonde highlights with just a touch of brunette (the colour was layered but not at all stripey).

Two months later, the colour’s kept really well and hasn’t gone even a touch brassy. Side note: the rest of his stylists are very talented too, and tend to work with him so we’d say you’re in safe hands across the board.

Price: Dhs300 for a cut and blowdry, tint colour from Dhs350 to Dhs500.

The salon: Rami Jabali Salon, JBR, Dubai, (04) 363 0369

Hairdresser to ask for: Rami Jabali

The service: Rami, who is originally from Syria, has been colouring hair for almost two decades, after learning the art from his mother. “It’s in my blood”, he tells us as we take a seat in front of the mirror.

And with that, we’d felt at ease giving him the green light to do whatever he’d like with our once-balayaged tresses, which now resembled Backstreet Boy-esque frosted tips. Obviously we weren’t looking to go Kristen Stewart and buzz it all off and dye the stubble platinum, but nonetheless we were surprised when Rami picked the relatively safe balayage and trim route. That was, until the event began.

Our colourist Amer took bunches of our hair at a time, attempting to blend some of our natural colour in with the dye job to avoid the two-toned look, carefully painting towards the roots in precise strokes.

The strong-but-silent Amer is somewhat of an anti-King Midas, because everything he touches seems to turn a honey-caramel shade, and not the least bit brassy-gold.

The cut is where Rami steps in, and we have to give him props for many things: 1. Not describing our thick hair like we have some form of unwanted condition that must be rectified. 2. Not opting to combat said thick hair with many, many choppy layers, which spring waywardly from your head like a badly pruned hedge. 3. Asking us to stand to have our hair cut, because apparently that’s the way to get the most precise length.

Our third man of the hour, Sevak, then left us with a sleek, flippy blowout that had us sleeping like a stone statue all night in the hopes it might last the weekend.

After a little less than two hours, we walked out of the salon with has-it-really-been-dyed, sun-kissed and silky honey blonde tresses that, had it not been for our pasty European skin, might have looked like we’d just spent a summer in St Tropez.

It left us inwardly battling with ourselves over forgoing getting home to cook dinner, and finding a dance club nearby to stand in front of a wind machine solo all night and flip our hair like Beyonce.

Price: From Dhs300 for a cut, and from Dhs650 for balayage.

The salon: The Cure, Building 10, Dubai Media City, (04) 391 6485

Hairdresser to ask for: Irina

The service: This woman knows hair. After a brief flick through our scraggly ends, she instantly confirmed that a previous stylist (outside of Dubai) had made a huge error in layering an uninvited bob with the enthusiasm of Edward Scissorhands.

“They clearly didn’t know how to cut fine European hair,” Irina said, hitting the nail right on the head. Instead, while comforting us with a tale of the worst haircut she’d ever been called on to fix (not ours, thankfully), she assured us we’d have the blunt, collarbone-length cut of our dreams in just a few short months. Prescribing a blunt trim to even out the ill-advised layers, Irina demonstrated just how little she would take off our ends – a mere two centimetres compared to a typical hairdressers’ ‘inch’.

The refreshingly no-nonsense stylist, who worked in London before moving to Dubai nine years ago, also sympathised with our brassy, grown-out balayage that looked a little too two-toned for our liking. Instead of trying to even it out with yet more bleach, Irina suggested something we’d not tried solely in lieu of colour before – toning.

Tackling the yellowy blonde of our mid-lengths, just 15 minutes of basting time later we were taken to a glossy, shiny, healthy-looking light brown which, Irina knowingly told us, will fade out to a dark blonde thanks to the bleach already in our hair.

She also threw in a generously long head massage (as well as rightly advising us to add Olaplex to give our dry ends a bit of TLC), but still only kept us in the chair for just over an hour – rather than a drawn-out 2+ hours for just some parting highlights, as we’ve had in the past.

So you’re looking for someone straight-talking who truly listens (and will reassure you about how much she’s really cutting), Irina’s your woman.

Price: From Dhs220 for a cut and blowdry, from Dhs150 for toning, and from Dhs250 for a half head of highlights.

The salon: Sisters, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai, (04) 557 9595

Hairdresser to ask for: Amanda Giles (who has since left Sisters – Lucinda Gill is the new creative director).

The service: The minute we sat down in our chair – herbal tea and mini brownie in hand – Sisters’ Creative Director Amanda Giles asked us, “So what do you not want for your hair?”

This sparked a discussion about everything from stripy highlights to so-natural-it-looks-like-you-haven’t-done-anything colour, before she settled on balayage for us – giving us fresh, bleach blonde at our tips but keeping it neutral up top. We walked out looking like we’d had a change, but still feeling very us. Result. (We’d also managed to fit in an excellent mani’ while our highlights were setting – we love to multi-task.)

A Brit, Amanda’s one of the most communicative stylists we’ve ever met in Dubai – she talked us through the process step-by-step, encouraged us to express our opinions and even managed to explain Olaplex to us in a way we understood.

Her speciality is definitely shorter cuts and extreme colours – so if you’re after a unicorn pastel plait, a raspberry mohawk or the latest rose gold hue, she is your woman.

Helpful hint: Driving to Sisters at JBR? You can valet at the hotel next door, and they’ll validate your ticket in the salon.

Price: From Dhs220 for a cut, and from Dhs325 for a half-head of highlights.

The salon: JetSet, Emirates Towers Boulevard, Dubai, (04) 330 0886

Hairdresser to ask for: Mohammed.

The service: After having our fine, highlighted tresses butchered at a previous appointment (not in the UAE, we hasten to add), we didn’t give our stylist a great foundation to work with. However within about three seconds, Mohammed had diagnosed exactly what we needed to do to fix our hacked-at ‘lob’, and recommended a prescriptive chop that would ensure our locks would grow out beautifully. He also took into account our face-shape, and rightly pooh-poohed some options we had thought might suit us.

In the slick white salon, its walls lined with Redken bottles, Mohammed also dispensed a fix for some poorly maintained, chunky highlights. While JetSet doesn’t do balayage, per se, the stylist did weave in a half-head of creamy bronde colour with an almost-freehand technique, covering up dark roots while also making certain the contrast wouldn’t be too stark as the colour grew out.

JetSet truly live up to their name – we spent just 80 minutes in the salon, which included a precision toning at the sink, making this the quickest cut and colour we’ve ever experienced. So if you’re after a transformation without the time commitment, this place comes highly recommended.

(Plus, it’s been a few weeks since our appointment and, true to his word, Mohammed’s choppy bob has grown into a wavy, easy-to-style shoulder length ‘lob.).

Price: From Dhs305 for a cut, and from Dhs325 for a half-head of highlights.

The salon: Maria Dowling, Al Mina Road, Satwa, Dubai, (04) 3454225

Hairdresser to ask for: The main woman herself, Maria Dowling.

The service: There’s a reason why this remains one the top spots year after year. The level of expertise here is second to none. Maria is an absolute joy and her knowledge is so valuable when it comes to cutting your precious hair. If she doesn’t think it’s right (and as an award-winning hairdresser she should know) she will let you know and explain why.

Unlike some salons where they think they understand your hair best and go to town on a look that you hate and need to grow out for months, Maria is genius who works her magic to create a style that not only looks great but is easy for you to manage – the hair dream.

Maria Dowling salon also uses its own branded products which had have designed by, and tried and tested by Maria herself. Also, don’t be afraid to work your way through the tea menu.

Price: From Dhs410 for cut.

The salon: Marquee, Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Dubai, (04) 4207700

Hairdresser to ask for: Hamsa

The service: Hamsa is one of the few men we will trust with our tresses and for good reason – he can tell all of your hair woes just from a flick of your dull locks.

Want to try a different colour? You can 100 per cent leave your hair in the hands of Hamsa as he will actually know better than you what to opt for.

He is wonderfully honest but never rude. At the end of the day he wants your hair to be the best it can be too – essentially your his living portfolio and model. In fact Hamsa takes so much pride in his work that he often asks your permission to take photos before and after his work so you can see the difference. We guarantee you will be so pleased you will be begging him to tag you in the Instagram post.

The salon is super-glam and serves some of the best coffee we’ve had outside of our fave cafes.

Price: From Dhs325 for a cut. Half a head of highlights from Dhs460 to Dhs650

The salon: SLaM, M-19, Al Joud Building, Al Quoz, Dubai, (800) 7526

Hairdresser to ask for: Creative Director and co-owner Rachael Stevenson

The service: Any beauty buff in Dubai has SLaM on her speed dial. Rachael Stevenson, together with an all-female power team, dreamed up this Al Quoz salon two years ago and never looked back. The sleek industrial-chic space (think: exposed ceilings, graffitied walls and heavyweight mirrors hanging from thick, black chains) is often packed with new clients and loyal fans in need of their hair care fix. The menu of treatments runs the full gamut, from cut, finish and colour, to hair treatments and nail applications.

Despite its unassuming location in a desolate mall, SLaM has managed to create a cool and calm vibe that’s light-years from the haphazard streets of Al Quoz. That’s the key right there: clients wax lyrical about SLaM’s stylists for ‘actually listening,’ to what they want, and delivering it to perfection. Impressive tresses are just the icing on the cake, too, since each cut and finish is accompanied by a rather delicious head and neck massage after your shampoo.

Creative Director Rachael assumes the role of expert and best friend in one glorious amalgamation. She’ll tell you what will and won’t work for your hair and facial structure, before getting to work on your dream ‘do. And judging by the smiles reflecting in those heavyweight mirrors, her team is offering the same level of professionalism and personality to all.

Price: From Dhs360 for a cut.

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The salon: Pastels, The Ritz Carlton, JBR, Dubai, (04) 399 5016

Hairdresser to ask for: Vesna

The service: Five years ago a friend of ours ended up with hair the colour of Cheetos after a clueless Dubai stylist at a now-defunct salon overzealously bleached her locks.

You know who came to the rescue? Vesna at Pastels.

The Swedish stylist has since fixed the hair emergencies of many Dubai expats and so has built up a loyal customer base.

She gets hair trends, is willing to try daring colours and different cuts. She strikes the perfect balance between really listening and giving you want you want for your hair while also advising when something’s not a good idea.

We left our last Vesna colour session with flattering, natural-looking highlights around our face that had a point of difference thanks to some painted-on brighter balayage at the tips of our locks.

Basically, she puts the time in to make sure you get what you want. In fact, she encourages people to bring in photos of what they’re after to make sure everyone’s on the same page: we’ll have the Gisele thanks.

Overall, Pastels is a busy and unfussy salon with excellent service and a good team of stylists. It was established 12 years ago and there are three locations across the city: a failsafe option for a good cut and color.

Price: From Dhs350 for a cut and blow-dry and Dhs475 for a half head of highlights

The salon: Aveda431 Al Wasl Road, Galleria Mall, Jumeirah 1, 800 28332

Hairdresser to ask for: Manuela
The service: Well, what an experience this place is. Not only is it one of the most swanky salons we’ve ever stepped foot in – all glam and sleek interiors – its trendy staff make it feel like you’re at a super-chic ladies night with your gal pals.

The service is impeccable with a wide selection of hot and cold beverages at a standard you would expect from a posh cafe.

Whether you’re having a simple blow-dry or getting your hair cut, the treatment starts with a head and shoulder massage – for no extra cost!

All of the products used in the salon are Aveda and all of them are organic and chemical free.

Manuela is the star of the show. Not only does she train all the staff that work in the salon but has such a friendly manner that you will instantly feel like BFFs.

Her honesty is appreciated and the result is a hairstyle you will positively love. To ensure you maintain that ‘just out of the salon look’, when at home Manuela also goes that extra mile and shows you how to style your hair yourself at home. We found her tutorial incredibly useful.

Price: Dhs450 for a cut.

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   April 20, 2017