With an Arabic show finally bringing challenges women face to the forefront, Al Rawabi School for Girls sheds light on the honest portrayal of contemporary issues.

The new Netflix original series premiered on the streaming giant’s platform early last week and has gained widespread traction.

With several discussions being centred around this much-anticipated show, here’s everything you need to know about Al Rawabi School for Girls. 

It’s directed by a Jordanian actress, producer and director

Jordanian actress, director and producer Tima Shomali is the brains behind the show. Being a regional voice in the industry and speaking to young women directly through her work has always been her top priority. At the World Summit six years ago she said, “My purpose is to help girls to stand up and talk, because (we) are taught to stay quiet… All I want is girls to stand up for themselves and talk because if we keep ignoring things, they will keep happening.”

The show came to life by a team of women

Tima gathered a team of brilliant women including Shirin Kamal, who is the co-creator of the Netflix series. Together, this inspiring team of women built elements of the Al Rawabi world, including everything from characters, set, design, colours, lighting and even the music.

It’s the latest Arabic Original Show on Netflix

The first Arabic show Jinn launched in 2019. Al Rawabi School for Girls is now another Arabic series to launch on the platform and will most certainly engage a whole new audience with its gripping story.

The focal point of the theme is ‘bullying’

The show lays an emphasis on the key challenges that girls face during their formative years, particularly during high school. The protagonist of the show, Mariam, played by Andria Tayeh, is being bullied at school and ends up curating a group of outcasts together, as they plot the perfect revenge to get back at those who have wrong them, teaching the bullies a lesson. Set amongst home and school life, this teen drama breathes life into the non-conformers who wish to change history.

It was released in 190 countries

The six-episode show has been released in around 190 counties globally, with its availability in more than 32 languages, with options for both audio and written descriptions.

Watch the trailer for the series

Starring the actresses, Rakeen Sa’ad, Andria Tayeh, Noor Taher, Joanna Arida, Salsabiela, Yara Mustafa, Nadera Emran and Reem Saadeh, the show is all set to take the Arab world by storm.

So what are you waiting for? Stream the show now or head to Netflix for all the new content being released during the month of August. 

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Images: Supplied / Netflix