By gaining popularity on Instagram for their inspirational and humourous posts, Khalid Al Ameri and Salama Mohamed are always on top of their game when it comes to the world of content creation.

From spreading positivity through their reels to supporting each other, Emirates Woman takes a look at all that the couple has achieved together and dives into how far they’ve come.

They both constantly support each other

Whether it’s the launch of Salama’s new brand or discussing her skin condition vitiligo, Khalid stood by her as her pillar and ensured she remained strong despite the circumstances. Similarly, when Khalid was pursuing his passion for storytelling and struggling to find a job, Salama stood by his side. He detailed his gratitude in a heartfelt message to his wife last year.

They create content to spread positivity

With a satirical take on daily marriage struggles, both Salama and Khalid constantly create videos to make their audience laugh as they want to be as entertaining as possible. From helping each other grow to having a comical take on a traditional Emirati marriage, the pair always seems to make their audience laugh.

The couple has two children

The young Emirati couple have two children named, Abdullah and Khalifa. The two boys are occasionally seen interrupting their videos, making their content even more interesting. Without involving their kids too much in their daily content, they ensure that their kids aren’t the main attraction of the channel as they like to uphold their privacy.

The duo TikTok’d their way to Burj Khalifa


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While being known for their entertaining videos on Instagram, the couple’s recent collaboration with TikTok led their video to be projected on the world’s tallest tower. With over 1.2 million followers, Khalid announced it on social media with a video that read “Can’t believe it. Thank you [TikTok Arab creators] for the incredible opportunity and all of the support you have given our work, we are so excited for the year ahead and all the stories we are going to tell together”.

The couple are keen philanthropists


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From donating funds to a UAE resident battling breast cancer to playing a crucial role in being the role models that society needs right now, Khalid and Salama have always been down to earth with all that they do in society.  Whether contributing to charitable events or paying the full amount of their wedding to their nanny who was leaving to go back home to her home country, a kind gesture is what they’re known for as they continue to give back to the community and those less fortunate.

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Feature image: Instagram @khalidalameri