Khalid Al Ameri and Salama Mohamed have already reached new heights and we’re less than a week into 2021.

The social media star couple have cultivated a huge online following by sharing their innovative content and entertaining and inspiring stories. This has now led them to being featured on the tallest building in the world.

In their recent collaboration with TikTok, where the couple creates daily videos for their followers, Khalid and Salama have had their latest piece of content projected on the world’s tallest tower.

Khalid announced the exciting news that he and Salama had “TikTok’d [their] way to the Burj Khalifa” to his 1.2 million followers

“Can’t believe it,” he added. “Thank you [TikTok Arab creators] for the incredible opportunity and all of the support you have given our work, we are so excited for the year ahead and all the stories we are going to tell together”.


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Not only do the pair create lighthearted and funny videos to share with their audience, they also continually share stories of inspiration and triumph.

Khalid has previously discussed how his son’s autism has changed him for the better in a heartfelt video, raising awarness for World Autism Day in 2020, and has also made a brave video about his wife’s skin condition, vitiligo, which she has had since she was young.

Last year, Salama told Emirates Woman her husband’s video about her vitiligo – which was made two years ago – still brings tears to her eyes.

However, the video is a reminder for Salama on how far she has come on her journey to self-love. Today, Salama embraces her condition with “every inch” of her being, and she’s actually more than happy to answer people’s questions if they ask about it.

“[It means] I can explain and educate, so I can support other women and men going through what I went through, to let them know they are not alone, and that we are beautiful in our own unique way,” she told EW.

From debunking myths to making videos on to being social media stars, Khalid Al Ameri and Salama Mohamed adding their own twist with satirical flair to simple couple problems, they’ve managed to become social media stars, loved by all.

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