Emirati couple Khalid Al Ameri and Salama Mohamed are two people who love to give back.

In a recent selfless act, the couple revealed that they would be paying the full amount of the wedding of their nanny who was leaving them to go back to her home country.

Posting a video to Facebook, Khalid and Salama revealed how important their nanny, Sarah, had been to them for the last six years she had been working for them and had become a part of their family.

To show their gratitude and thanks, the couple decided to front the cost of her wedding, a gesture which left Sarah in disbelief.


Khalid and Salama announced the news when they arrived in Downtown Abu Dhabi for Sarah to transfer money home.

“These people are not only my bosses, they are my friends,” she said. ” I want to say thank you to Salama and Khalid, may God bless you.”

However, she didn’t quite believe at first that all of the money she had been handed was for her. As the news sunk in, Sarah couldn’t contain her tears or excitement.

The video has since gone viral on Facebook receiving over 15 million views, over 800,000 reactions and 88,000 shares.

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Feature image: Khalid Al Ameri