It was to celebrate the Hindu Festival of Lights

If you recently thought you saw Emirates Airline cabin crew dancing Bollywood-style in the streets of Dubai – it wasn’t your imagination. The stunt was part of a campaign by the airline to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali.


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Members of the airline’s official onboard crew took to the streets of Dubai to dance and give out free Indian sweets from a travelling food truck, in honour of the festival.

They travelled to two locations in the city – the popular foodie hub City Walk, followed by Dubai Parks and Resort, where they parked their food truck outside the resort’s Bollywood Parks attraction. 

Treats on offer included traditional Diwali snacks, such as “burfi” and “gulab jamun”.

The team filmed the entire stunt, uploading it to their social media channels with the message “we are excited to celebrate with more sweets and lots of fun, Happy Diwali”.

It’s definitely one of our favourite Emirates videos so far.


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Happy Diwali!

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