There’s sun, sea, sand, and tax-free salaries… we certainly know there are a lot of benefits to living in Dubai.

Families and entrepreneurs seem to agree, with the city recently being ranked as one of the top five global spots favoured by both groups.

According to real estate agents Knight Frank, Dubai ticks a lot of boxes that people consider when thinking about upping sticks.

In its Global Lifestyle Review, the company revealed key factors included hours of sunshine, cost of transport, number of Michelin-starred restaurants, the cost of a drink at a top hotel, the cost of petrol and healthcare, and the number of international schools.

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Entrepreneurs picked Dubai as the fourth most desirable place to live (tied with Geneva, Sydney and Vienna), though the No 1 spot went to Hong Kong.

London and Vancouver took out second and third place respectively, while Singapore, Copenhagen and Monaco rounded out the top 10.

rob lowe dubai

Sun, sea, sand and a celeb haven (here’s Rob Lowe loving the region) – what’s not to love about Dubai?

“Businesses and young entrepreneurs are focused on the ease of doing business, political safety and security, availability of high-quality formal entertainment such as fine dining, all of which Dubai offers, so it’s natural to see clients motivated and drawn to the city,” said Dana Salbak, Associate Partner and Head of Research at Knight Frank.

Families also rated Dubai as a top emigration spot, with the city rated the fifth most attractive place to live.

It followed behind Luxembourg, Vienna, Hong Kong and Geneva.

“Dubai provides good international-grade education systems, creates communities for like-minded people to interact, and offers a variety of family-friendly activities, most of which can be enjoyed with 365 days of sunshine,” said Salbak.


Annual health insurance: US$13,584.62 (Dhs49,898.34)
A litre of petrol: US$0.46 (Dhs1.69)
A cappuccino: US$5 (Dhs18.3)
A weekly travel card: US$30 (Dhs110)
A bottle of premium champagne in a five-star hotel: US$228 (Dhs837)

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Source: Knight Frank/BDO

Image: Getty