Prepare for a huge ‘awwww’ moment when you read about this heartwarming reunion four years in the making.

It’s a page often filled with tear-inducing tales of pups in desperate need of a home.

However K9 Friends, a Dubai-based shelter for unwanted and abandoned dogs, warmed the cockles of our heart with a recent post.

Dusty, a Chinese crested dog with a rather distinctive ‘do, had spent more than four months in the shelter’s care. (He was even featured in What’s On Dubai‘s list of pups needing a foster or forever home).

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dusty dog

However the almost-hairless pooch with “an independent personality and quirky nature” used to have a forever home.

Six years ago, Dusty – then known by his original name of Rikky – arrived in Dubai with his owner Almen, however the tricksy pup escaped his crate, leading to a shut-down of Dubai International Airport.

Though he was found and safely returned to his owner, Rikky’s penchant for disappearing reared its head again four years ago, when he left without a trace while being looked after by neighbours.

As the months and relentless searches dragged on, Almen held out hope that her dog would find his way home – but it wasn’t until she spotted his picture on the K9 Friends Facebook page that her dream came true.

Rikky/Dusty had been picked up by Dubai Municipality, which handed him to the shelter, though no-one knows his whereabouts for the last four years.

After being contacted by Almen, K9 Friends checked the microchip number she supplied to discover Dusty was a perfect match.

“When the two were reunited there was no doubt that Rikky/Dusty remembered his owner,” the shelter said in a Facebook post that’s attracted more than 1,000 reactions.

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“He was delighted to see her and the two of them treated us to a Polish song.”

The shelter revealed Rikky and Almen are now back home together, adding: “It’s days like today that make what we do so rewarding.”

“Never give up hope if you lose a pet, as amazing things can happen!”

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Images: K9 Friends Dubai/Facebook