Luxury brands are changing their designs to score a place on this site…

Online store The Modist already stocks plenty of our cult-fashion favourites from around the world.

However, now they are upping their game with exclusive custom-adapted pieces from local and international designers.

Did you ever fall in love with a collection but couldn’t find the right piece to work for your modest wardrobe? This may no longer be the case as The Modist have asked designers to alter their collections to fit in with the Muslim-friendly pieces on the site.

the modist

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During the buying process, and prior to committing to a stock order, the savvy fashion buyers asked designers if they would be happy to modify a selection of pieces for the site, which launched last month.

They asked for linings to be added to sheer blouses, mini skirts to be turned into maxi-lengths, tops with long sleeves instead of a short sleeves, and necklines raised from a V or crew neck.

This season saw British eveningwear designer SAFiYAA, known for her shoulder revealing cut-out collars, add long sleeves to structured silhouettes, while Fujairah-born designer Princess Madiyah Al Sharqi adapted her already graceful collection with more opaque lace styles.

And it doesn’t stop there – many more designers have sat up and noticed our need for more demure styles. In the coming months you’ll find adapted looks from Dhela, vintage-specialist Merchant Archive, Teija, Taller Marmo and Razan Alazzouni, to name a few.

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But for now, here are a few of our favourite modest pieces that hit the site this week…


Wear this cool print t-shirt under a long sleeve pinstripe shirt. Dhs340 Racil.

This vertical stripe trouser will elongate your legs into supermodel territory. Dhs1,465 Atea Oceanie

This pleated dream skims rather than sticks to your curves. Dhs1,460 Solace London

Madiyah Al Sharqi

An extra layer of lining has taken this blouse to new demure levels. Wear with wide-leg white wide trousers for that extra hit of chic. Dhs3,295 Madiyah Al Sharqi


Longer sleeves have been added exclusively to this appliqué ruffle top. Dhs3,230 SAFiYAA

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