Be Empowered, Be Damas

Dubai-based jewellery brand Damas is one of the oldest in the region, with over 100 years in the business. Now, they are back with another spectacular campaign, dubbed ‘City of Gold’ which features Dubai like you have never seen it before.

City of Gold pays homage to the Middle East, the region where the jewellery brand flourished. According to Asil Attar, Damas’ CEO, who is better known as “The Hybrid” the campaign is tribute to the region’s “rich history of trade and commerce,” noting that the video and photoshoot represent the brand’s heritage as goldsmiths and jewellers.

Damas City of Gold campaign Dubai

The campaign was shot in Dubai’s creek, giving off a massive mermaid vibe. “I wanted to create the start of a new journey for our stakeholders and customers, honouring our heritage, inspiring the imagination, and crafting tomorrow’s dreams,” Asil continues. Not only was Dubai the star of the campaign, it was also where it was unveiled – with a light show on Burj Khalifa

Watch the campaign here: