Maison unveils high jewellery capsule collection.

Coco Chanel and the Middle East have something in common – a shared love for pearls. After all, years before oil and tourism boosted the UAE’s economy it was the pearl harvesting industry that kept the country ticking.

On the other side of the world, Gabrielle Chanel had a secret affinity with pearls and wore them like a talisman both day and night, even with sportswear or a sweater paired with men’s trousers.

Chanel jewellery middle east

Georges Auric recounts (in Les Années Chanel book by Pierre Galante) that on an evening in 1925, she broke her almost two-meter long pearl necklace whilst dancing the Charleston. Regal and indifferent, she amusingly watched on as a group of men in evening suits searched for these precious gems on their knees.


The pearl has become synonymous with Mademoiselle Chanel prompting the Parisian house to create a new high jewellery capsule “Secrets d’Orients” in which there are two sets designed exclusively for the Middle East.

Chanel jewellery middle east

The beautifully crafted pieces showcase Akoya pearls and imperial topaz, all chosen by the Fine Jewellery Creation Studio to evoke the warm colours of the region and echo the geometry of the mashrabiya pattern.

Opulent and fluid, the two bracelets, two necklaces, a set of earrings and a ring also feature supple precious chains made of gold paved with diamonds.

The “Secrets d’Orients“ collection is available in Dubai now at the Chanel Watches & Jewellery boutiques.

Très chic.

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