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Bvlagri is a brand that celebrates the bold and the beautiful through their dazzling collections of jewellery and watches.

bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori

The newest addition to their timepieces not only celebrates one of the house’s iconic symbols, the serpent, but also pays tribute to modern women who are busy pursuing their dreams. Those who need a luxurious watch to keep up with their demanding schedule.

Serpenti Seduttori strives to become your “no brainer” watch. An elegant timepiece that you can grab as you rush out of door, knowing that it will go perfectly with anything you’re wearing. Understated yet impactful.

Below, Antoine Pin, the Watch Business Unit Managing Director, talks us through the inspiration, and how the Roman brand is keeping up with the demands of today’s luxury customer.

bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori

What’s the message that Bvlgari is giving with Serpenti Seduttori?

There has been a constant rethinking and evolution of this product, and we are presenting the seventh way of wearing the Serpenti. What was important was make the watch easy to wear. We had requests from some of our clients who love the Serpenti but feel it deserves a certain level of sophistication in the way they dress in order to wear it. So let’s say they are in the rush to the office, they don’t want to wear a big piece of jewellery but they want to wear a Serpenti. Something that is elegant and wearable and highlights their taste and attitude. So we are very happy with the result, it’s a watch that you can wear any time.

What features can we look forward to?

The case is different, it’s flatter. We wanted to create a supple bracelet for the wrist and to do so we flattened the watch so it fitted better. We offer the watch in nine variations. The way we used steel and gold is smarter and design oriented, and we have steel and gold with diamonds on the case that highlight the shape of head. We also have a jewellery version.

bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori

How do you feel this model would appeal to the Middle Eastern customer? 

There is a versatility in the way we wear jewellery, and watches as well, and this watch is a “no-brainer” watch. You pick it up in the rush, it fits your wrist immediately, it’s very functional but it still has the Bvlgari spirit. And the way the bracelet is made gives you an impression of a piece of jewellery.

With your experience, how do you see the watches and jewellery industry developing? 

The beauty with jewellery, and more so with watches, is that we can adapt. I would expect client requirements to become more complex. I’m talking about more personalisation, and I think we are going towards the world of small collections as well as different ways to wear jewellery. What matters to us is to meet our client’s needs in a more precise way and on one to one basis. 

bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori

What are your ambitions for Bvlgari? 

Flexibility and capacity to adapt to our clients’ needs more and more is something we will have to deal with. And like with any challenge, if you manage to address it and to anticipate it in a smart way, it’s a great opportunity as well. What comes first is our brand identity. The limit of what we can do to match demands, is the limit of what we are more than ever.

How would you define Bvlgari watches today?

Purely Roman. There is strong sensitivity to happiness and a positive mindset. An appetite for colour and light.

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