We can’t turn back the clocks, no matter how hard we try, but when it comes to anti-ageing we can slow down time with the help of regular facials. The 60 minute Angel facial at N Style will help you reach beauty utopia.

The Treatment: Angel Facial

The Low Down: With no extractions or steaming, there’s no embarrassing red, puffy face afterwards making it the ideal facial during a lunch break or before a night out.

The therapist cleanses the face with natural ingredients before applying a hydrating mask, which promotes circulation and helps lift your visage. Deep and intense moisturising of the skin via acupressure movements encourages lymph drainage, which further lifts and illuminates the skin.

The Results: It’s like a noninvasive face lift. The results are instantly visible, knocking years off your looks with dewy and vibrant skin. No need for make-up after this facial.

The Details: Dhs450 for 60 mins
N Style | Dubai Marina Mall

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