Having a little one can be tiring, but thankfully we live in the 21st century and there are a host of nifty electronics that can help to lessen the strain.

So whether you’re looking for a helping hand, or just something to make life with baby that little bit easier, here’s a list of gizmos that can help you out with your daily routine.

Itzbeen Pocket Nanny

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You’re sleep deprived and forgetting things. It’s tough being a mum. The Itzbeen Pocket Nanny will help you to keep track of all your baby’s needs by allowing you to log when they were last fed, changed, slept or took medication.

Dhs584, desertcart.ae.

Baby Temp Pacifier Thermometer

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Take your baby’s temperature in an easy, non-invasive way. The screen lights up so you’re able to take a reading at night-time without disturbing baby too much.

Dhs85, uae.souq.com.


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For that extra nutritious boost when you need it, chuck in pretty much anything and watch the NutriBullet go to work. It can slice, dice, mix seeds, stems, vegetables, fruits, nuts and more to give you a shake that’ll help take the edge off. It’s great for making baby food too – throw in some carrots, potatoes, spinach and apples, then blend it up for a healthy kids’ meal.

Dhs299, uae.souq.com.

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Massage Mat with Heat and Foam Padding

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We all need a lie-down after a long day, and a massage mat makes your 30 minutes of freedom just that little bit more luxurious. It’s good for back pain, getting out those annoying knots, and just for generally taking a nap on.

Dhs140, uae.souq.com.

Crystal Night Light Humidifier

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Dubai can get a little dry. You’re either out in the sun, or under the air con – and doing so can take a toll on your skin and your baby’s. The Crystal Humidifier serves as a light beacon for baby, and will help to keep their skin moisturised.

Dhs48, uae.souq.com.

JIBO the Social Home Robot

While not yet available (they ship in October), JIBO the home robot can see, hear, speak, learn and help you out on a daily basis. Talk to JIBO to set up a Skype call, order food, set reminders and alarms, fill up your calendar and more.

Dhs2,750, jibo.com.