January always marks the start of a new month and a new year giving many the incentive to reset and refresh for another journey around the sun.

A part of this reset often includes making health and fitness goals to look and feel your best. However, if like us, you’re guilty of finding the gym more as a chore than fun, it’s difficult to find the motivation to workout amidst a busy work schedule.

Not to worry though, to ensure your motivation remains at an optimum level, there are plenty of unique fitness classes around Dubai to ensure momentum remains high.

With that, Emirates Woman has put together an edit of some of the top fitness classes this month including sweat-inducing workouts to more gentle and toning.

1Beat – Indoor Cycling

Spinning is one person’s idea of a great workout and another’s idea of hell. Yet no matter your view on these classes, 1Beat has an array of interval training classes ranging in resistance level, that are challenging yet fun. With locations in DIFC and DWTC, there is a community in the classes that motivate you both physically and mentally.

For more information or to book a class visit 1beatdxb.com/.

SEVA – Yoga

Seva is known as a consciously-sourced shop and plant-based cafe. However, Seva also has a garden meditation zone, yoga studio and wellness treatment and workshops. Offering yoga and sound meditation classes that have mental, physical and emotional benefits that improve your overall wellbeing in an idyllic setting.

For more information or to book a class visit Seva

Sol Pilates Studio

Pilates is fun, energetic, challenging and impactful. It’s a class will always leave you feeling rejuvenated. Sol Pilates is a fully-equipped, ladies-only Pilate studio that offers group classes, private sessions and a teacher training course. The classes range from reformer, aerial, maternity and pregnancy, along with intensity levels from beginner to master.

For more information or to book a class visit Sol Pilates

Ignite – Bootcamp sessions

Since 2016, Ignite has been offering Bootcamp sessions that are comprehensive high-intensity classes that are military-style inspired. The outdoor training program requires a level of discipline and there is a fitness assessment to discover what level of fitness you are at before you begin. The assessment includes bleep tests, a Box-Fit prehab, HIIT training and functional training for equipment to ensure you’re fully prepared to take each class seriously.

For more information or to book a class visit Ignite

Top Stretching


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Stretching isn’t something we tend to consider as exercise but attending stretching classes has an array of benefits for your body. It allows you to take the time out to move your body in ways you wouldn’t normally, providing a little TLC to disregarded areas and loosens the muscles that we so often hold tension and stress in, along with increasing levels of flexibility. Top Stretching ME believes women are their own heroes and can push their limits to achieve anything. Motivating and empowering women to go from being unable to touch their toes to being able to slide into box splits.

For more information or to book a class visit topstretching.me/

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