The UAE is globally recognised for its accomplishments, which has undoubtedly put its name on the map.

From being a seasonless hub for tourism to safety reigning supreme, the UAE is often hailed for its impeccable record on several surveys.

Particularly in recent years, the UAE has received several top ranking accolades to be proud of proving that it is truly one of the best places to live.

One of the safest places in the world

Known for always prioritising safety across the nation, the UAE continues to rank as one of the top places when it comes to the welfare and security of its residents. In November last year, in an official report, it was found the UAE is the safest place to walk alone. According to Gallup’s 2021 Global Law and Order report, 95 per cent of the country’s residents feel safe, especially when walking alone at night.

It was an achievement His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, took great pride in sharing, noting how women in the UAE are able to walk home, be it day or night, “without fear”.

A hub for expats

For over five decades, Dubai has continued to be a hub for and last year the emirate was officially recognised as one of the top places for expats to live.  In a 2021 ‘Expat Insider’ survey by InterNations over 12,000 people were surveyed across different areas including finances, quality of life, ease of moving and getting settled, housing and cost of living. Per the survey, Dubai ranked number three on the list, a huge jump after ranking number 20 in 2020. Specifically, Dubai ranked top when it came to ease of communication without speaking the local language and participants also noted it was easier to meet people and make friends due to the city’s diversity. The only two cities to beat Dubai were Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which took the number one spot and Malaga, Spain.


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The strongest passport

In recent years, the United Arab Emirates passport has climbed in the rankings and according to one official index published last year, the UAE passport is officially the strongest in the world.  The official Passport Index curated by Arton Capital – a global citizenship financial advisory services firm – released its most up-to-date rankings in October 2021, with the UAE topping the list.

The most popular travel destination for 2022

At the beginning of this year, Dubai was officially lauded as the top travel hotspot of the year, according to TripAdvisor. At the online travel company’s Travellers’ Choice Awards, the emirate topped the list for the Most Popular Destination of 2022. Dubai had been slowly climbing the ranks on the list over the past few years and, it was the go-to spot for travellers during the pandemic.

“Dubai is an ultramodern city that has it all: golden beaches, world-class dining, and gorgeous hotels. Since the Travelers’ Choice Awards are based on reviews of places to go, stay and things to do in destinations, to rank as the world’s best means a destination has obtained stellar traveller reviews across all of its tourism sectors,” Justin Reid, director of media, destinations and travel at Tripadvisor, said.

Number one in the world for response to COVID-19 pandemic

While the pandemic has been a difficult time for countries across the globe, the UAE has been hailed as a nation for its handling of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, particularly Abu Dhabi. In April 2021, the UAE capital ranked number one for the city’s response to the COVID-19. Per London-based analytics consortium, the Deep Knowledge Group (DKG), the top 25 cities were outlined in their response to the pandemic. Rankings were made based on their healthcare management, quarantine systems in place, vaccination rates; government efficiency and the economy’s resilience.

Abu Dhabi ranked first beating out Seoul, Sydney, Singapore and Ottawa, which completed the top five. With the swift reaction of the UAE capital for closing borders, implementing the national sterilisation programme, mass testing and vaccine trials, Abu Dhabi and all of the UAE has fared the pandemic well during the last two years.

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