With the first prolonged Mercury Retrograde coming to an end on February 20, there’s some things you need to know going forward for the rest of the year.

The last three weeks might have hindered effective communication between you and your friends, including other issues such as tech glitches, scheduling at work, or even an ex-friend trying to get in touch with you over the course of these eventful three weeks, which you definitely managed to power through.


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However, it’s not entirely over yet as we are currently transitioning into retro-shade, which needs to be dealt with carefully, and here’s how.

As the post-shadow phases appear, where all the unforeseen events that took place over the last few weeks seems to get sorted for the better with the end of it finally occurring on March 13. This period until then is all about reflection while thinking about the best ways to move forward.

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Despite the energy still in the air, you will definitely feel lighter. In case you’ve had a fight with someone over the past few weeks, this will be the best time to apologise and move on in order to take a breath of fresh air, as the fragments in your life seem to come back together again making this a clean-up phase to tie up all loose ends.

Congratulations on surviving this Retrograde – there’s still two more periods of Mercury Retrograde to come in 2021 – despite the challenges imposed as even though there might be a few days away until it’s all completely over, things should all start looking good from then.

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