Sponsored Content: Giorgio Armani’s summer collection will win you major points.

We’re sure we’re not the only ones who struggle buying gifts for the men in our lives. You ask what they want and get a non-committal response, but you know they’ll be disappointed if you miss the mark. It’s a minefield.

And as Eid Al Fitr approaches, the pressure is on. If this is all sounding very familiar, we have good news.

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Giorgio Armani’s spring summer men’s collection is full of perfect gift pieces for stylish, discerning men — especially if you’re buying for someone who loves to travel.


giorgio armani

We think this little bundle would make an ideal gift for someone who’s often found out on a private yacht. Pictured above is the classic fedora, Dhs1,850, the ribbon and caiman belt, Dhs1,700, and the canvas and caiman espadrilles, Dhs2,500.

giorgio armani

Or how about this set? It’s a gift that promises a bit of poolside luxury, and that can’t be a bad thing. Seen here is the canvas and caiman weekend bag, Dhs1,882, beachwear boxers, Dhs1,400, and beach towel, Dhs3,050.

giorgio armani

We’re sure this cool printed tee, Dhs1,750, and these twill shorts, Dhs3,050, will be popular.

For real bonus points, you could package a couple of these pieces up with tickets to the south of France.

But hey, that’s up to you. We’re just throwing out some ideas.

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Images: Giorgio Armani/Supplied