The woman knows her way around a front-facing camera.

Beauty vlogger and entrepreneur Huda Kattan is probably one of Dubai’s most recognisable faces. With her own beauty brand and over 24 million Instagram followers, she’s a big name.

It’s always important to learn from the best, so we’ve rounded up five major selfie-taking tips from straight from Kattan’s feed.

Hey, we might not all get paid Dhs66,000 per post, but we can try.

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Get your hands involved

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This move is a one-two bunch: it adds visual interest, and gives you an opportunity to show off your manicure.

Get moving

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You’ll need to prop your phone up on the window sill for this one, but it’s worth it. Short video selfies are the way of the future – especially on the Instagram Story. Could a still photograph show off Kattan’s highlight like this? No, it could not.

Rest your eyes 

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Want to show off your eye makeup? Too easy. Look down so your lids are exposed, and your liner will take pride of place. Also great if you’re in bright sunlight, as Kattan is here.

Accessories matter

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If you’ve got the option to include a rose, or something similarly pretty, in your selfie, you should go for it. Bonus points if it matches your lipstick. Little touches like this will help your shot stand out on the feed.

Know your worth

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And if all else fails, just wear a straight-up crown. Anyone who was going to call you a narcissist for posting a selfie has already done that, so you might as well lean into it.

Plus, look how good Kattan looks. That could be you (to a degree).

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Images: Huda Kattan/Instagram