Happy birthday, Alexander and Ella!

If you’d asked us an hour ago how old Amal and George Clooney’s twins were, we would have guessed about four months. It truly feels like they arrived very recently.

In fact, little Alexander and Ella turned one on June 6. Usually, you might say they celebrated their birthday, but we’re thinking at that age it’s more likely that it was their parents raising a glass.

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After all, between royal weddings, working with the UN, co-chairing the Met Gala and making movies, George and Amal have a fair amount on their plates.


From the sounds of it, though, they still find plenty of time to enjoy parenting.

amal and george clooney

Back in September, George told People that being a dad was super exciting — if a little daunting.

“[I was surprised] how much I thought I had in control and how little control I actually have… I have none! I think everybody quickly realises that,” he said.

Amal Clooney

In November, the actor told the Sydney Morning Herald that the twins had their own distinct personalities.

“They’re both very different; he’s this little thug, this out-there personality, and she’s very sweet-natured and dainty,” he told the paper.

We’re betting they’re only more themselves now they’re a bit older. Looks wise, George told People there’s no difficulty telling the twins apart.

“My daughter looks exactly like Amal. She has big beautiful eyes … It’s incredible.”

In that same Sydney Morning Herald interview, George said he and Amal are very hands-on parents.

“What’s the point of being a parent if you don’t get your hands dirty? That’s what it’s all about,” he said.

“We as parents just have to try our best not to mess them up… I want them to be happy and healthy and safe and it’s our job to safeguard that to the best of our ability. And after that, it’s like rolling the dice.”

We’d say the twins have a pretty good chance in life. Wishing them many happy returns.

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