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American fashion designer Zac Posen is set to make air travel even more stylish with the New Yorker bringing high-fashion to a different kind of runway as Delta Airlines reveals he is designing a uniform collection for its flight attendants.

While the collection won’t launch until early 2018, the designs are said to be so on-trend that you’ll want to quit your day job and apply for a role at Delta Airlines just so you can wear the uniform.

Through the partnership, Zac Posen will design a uniform collection for Delta’s flight attendants and airport customer service agents while advising on the uniform project for Delta’s ramp and ground support agents, Delta Cargo agents and Delta TechOps employees.

“I’m thrilled to partner with this classic American brand and look forward to collaborating with Delta employees to understand their wants and needs for the new collection,” said Zac. “Together, we
will bring everyday elegance and style innovation to the ground and air alike, while making employees look and feel their best.”

The designer, whose eponymous brand is renowned for its modern American glamour – he is a favourite in the White House and on the Hollywood red carpet – is not the first designer to take on such a project.

Zac Posen

Roy Haslton was the first to jump on the trend, redesigning the uniforms for Branff airways in 1974. Since then a plethora of fashion stars have helped spruce up the runways. Vivienne Westwood designed new uniforms for Virgin Atlantic while Julien Macdonald did the same for BA and Martin Grant updated the look at Quantas.

martin grant qantas

Martin Grant’s designs for Qantas

virgin airways Vivienne_Westwood_joined_

Vivienne Westwood for Virgin Atlantic


Julien Macdonald’s uniforms for BA

Over the next few months, Zac will work with Delta employees to better understand the specialised needs of Delta’s active workforce. The prototypes will then undergo intensive wear testing to ensure functionality and fit before the final collection is produced. Consistent with Delta’s culture, employees will drive the project and be heavily involved in every phase along the way.