Jordan’s Crown Prince can definitely handle himself in combat situations…

Last year, Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan graduated from one of the most prestigious military schools in the world – the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Its most notable alumni include HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, as well as British royals Prince William and Prince Harry.

The school is known to drill virtues of self-discipline, teamwork and focus into its students. And in a series of videos posted to Instagram by the Crown Prince, these are all shown in action as he and his father, King Abdullah II – also a Sandhurst alumnus – take part in a live firing exercise.

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The first video shows the Crown Prince and his father driving up to the firing field to conduct a mock exercise where they have to deal with enemy combatants.

The duo hastily exit the car, assault weapons drawn. In turns, they provide cover fire to each other and move away from the car and towards their targets – but not before the Crown Prince hurls a grenade.

The next video shows the pair dodging the friendly targets and pulling out their side arms to fire at the combatants. Communicating with hand signals, they burst through a door frame and advance forward.

The final video shows the two royals making a getaway from the scene. They continue to provide cover fire to each other as they take turns in moving back to the vehicle.

The Crown Prince takes the wheel, while his father – in an incredible display of a well-rehearsed military maneuver – rests his gun on the roof of the car, one leg inside of the car, the other placed on the window of the car holding the passenger side of the door open, while he drives them out of the red zone.

Hussein celebrated his 24th birthday last week, and his mother Queen Rania paid tribute to him with this message: “Happy birthday Al Hussein, we grow more proud of you every day… I see so much of His Majesty in you, including your shared love for the military.”

This is definitely one of those coming-of-age videos where you realise that the young royal has really come into his own and can handle whatever life throws his way – grenades and live ammunition included.

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Image: Instagram