Those of us with a ‘powerful’ passport will never be able to understand the hassle faced by those without. 

Acquiring visas is a chore, getting across borders can be a lengthy process, and for those with what’s consider ‘weak passports’, you might not be allowed to cross the border at all. If you’ve ever wondered how your passport stacks up statistically against the rest of the world, the 2016 edition of the Passport Index released by Arton Capital will tell you just that.

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The Index determines the rank of each passport from 199 different countries based on three factors: Visa-free score, which combines their visa-free travel options with their visa on arrival score. Their visa-free travel options versus their ability to obtain visas on arrival. Then, their United Nations Development Programme Human Development Index (UNDP HDI) is used as a tie breaker. The UNDP HDI is a measure of a country’s life expectancy, education and standard of living.

Among the GCC, the UAE passport weighs in at number one, and 27th worldwide – with a visa-free score of 120. According to the report, the UAE’s rank has been boosted thanks to their Schengen visa waiver obtained back in 2015.

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President of Arton Capital Armand Arton said: “Many people around the world consider their passports a barrier to their opportunities in life and choose to empower their identity and global footprint by obtaining a second citizenship through investment.


“In an age of increasing mobility, becoming a global citizen has never been more desirable. Investing in a second residency or citizenship is a liberating and empowering privilege, which comes with a responsibility to the world.”

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Read on to find out the 5 Most Powerful Passports In The GCC; the 10 Most Powerful Passports In The World, and the 5 Least Powerful Passports In The World.

Top 5 Most Powerful Passports In The GCC

1. United Arab Emirates

Visa-free score: 120

Worldwide power rank: 27

2. Kuwait

Visa-free score: 80

Worldwide power rank: 49

3. Qatar

Visa-free score: 75

Worldwide power rank: 51

4. Bahrain

Visa-free score: 71

Worldwide power rank: 55

5. Saudi Arabia

Visa-free score: 68

Worldwide power rank: 58


Top 10 Most Powerful Passports In The World

1. Germany

Visa-free score: 157

2. Sweden

Visa-free score: 157

3. Finland

Visa-free score: 156

4. Italy

Visa-free score: 156

5. Switzerland

Visa-free score: 156

6. France

Visa-free score: 156

7. Spain

Visa-free score: 156

8. United Kingdom

Visa-free score: 156

9. Denmark

Visa-free score: 155

10. The Netherlands

Visa-free score: 155


Top 5 Least Powerful Passports In The World

1. Afghanistan

Visa-free score: 25

Worldwide power score: 92

2. Pakistan

Visa-free score: 28

Worldwide power score: 91

3. Iraq

Visa-free score: 31

Worldwide power rank: 90

4. Somalia

Visa-free score: 32

Worldwide power rank: 89

5. Syria

Visa-free score: 34

Worldwide power rank: 88


To check out the Passport Index 2016, head to their website here.


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