It’s time to make a difference, says Dubai’s Crown Prince.

First there was the Dubai Fitness Challenge, and now there’s the Day for Dubai. This time around, HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is campaigning for city residents to give back.

It’s about making a difference and celebrating Dubai’s charitable spirit, Sheikh Hamdan wrote on Instagram.

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Sheikh Hamdan helps clean up the city’s seas in a volunteering mission

Those who have been following Fazza’s Instagram closely won’t be 100 per cent surprised by the initiative. Just this week, he spent the day diving to help clean up Dubai’s coast line.

It makes sense, then, that the Crown Prince is keen to get the rest of the city involved in his mission.

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“Are you ready to give back a #DayforDubai? Join me… to make a difference and reinforce Dubai’s position as a global city of giving and a center of tolerance and compassion,” Sheikh Hamdan’s caption reads, linking to the website.

There, you’ll find an app that will help you decide on a cause to volunteer your time with. You can choose from categories like the environment, the elderly, people of determination, and tolerance, so there’s sure to be an organisation that’s close to your heart.

“UAE residents are characterised by goodwill and are constantly ready to offer a helping hand,” Sheikh Hamdan told the Dubai Media Office. “The ‘Day for Dubai’ initiative is testament to residents’ loyalty and belonging to their community, and serves to show how humane and tenacious our society really is.”

It’s all about social cohesion and an inclusive community, he said.

Get involved, we think.

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Images: Day for Dubai