Words by Kirstyn Lewis – Founder of the Karmic Soul

What’s going on in the stars?

With the planet of communication, Mercury, now in Scorpio after an extended visit to Libra, I’m sure you have people talking with the “new you” which has been six months in the making. Do you feel that you are now more confident and able to speak up for what you believe in?

The universe is giving you another chance to start over with a more defined and refined version of your former self.

But hang on. We have just entered eclipse season. Eclipses are often dramatic in what they deliver – they surprise and change us. They move us in new directions.

From November 6 through to December 10, the sun moves within the karmic north and south nodes. We begin another is “in with the new (what pleases you), out with the old (keeping others happy)”.

A partial lunar eclipse will appear on November 19 in our skies before the solar eclipse on December 4. Remember eclipses come in pairs. The Nodes of Fate are this time pointing to Gemini/ Sagittarius and the focus is firmly on getting a better sense of who you really are, your living situation or home and your career path.

What happened in May/June this year? Something changed and it is why you are where you are today. These eclipses are the next step in your transformation.

How will you use your hard-earned knowledge? Focus on what you need to do, day by day. Try not to be too scattered, particularly over the next month whilst Mars is still transiting through dark and broody Scorpio.

The planet of love and money, Venus, on November 6 moved into Capricorn and will stay until March 2022. Venus feels emotionally insecure in Capricorn. She finds it difficult to show her emotions and prefers to hide behind material wealth and status.

Oh, and if you’re chasing new love it isn’t happening as fast as you want it to, (or at all). You’ve been noticed, but best to wait as the other doesn’t appear ready for what you are already dreaming about.

Venus will retrograde on December 19 making you hungry for a connection that also helps you achieve your goals. Look back to December 2013 and the vulnerability patterns of the past eight years around love, money or mature partners who may have manipulated you.

Eight years is a long time to repeat an uncomfortable cycle! Don’t get stuck – you now have an opportunity to be more realistic, responsible and committed.

On December 1, a mystical Neptune in Pisces will finally leave his retrograde period and go direct for the first time since June. It looks like money problems have been haunting you (or cash has been flying out the door). Are you investing in your home, travel or learning? Try to avoid compulsive shopping and break outdated cycles of consumerism. Next year you will be asked to harness your energy far more creatively, spiritually or compassionately.

With all these changes, don’t forget now is a good time to book in for a detailed birth chart analysis, or with your life coach to plan 2022.

What good fortune lies ahead for you?

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Feature Image: Sara Shakeel Instagram