Dubai Fashion Week, a spectacular collaboration between the Arab Fashion Council and the Dubai Design District (D3), dazzled fashion enthusiasts as it opened with a show-stopping display courtesy of Carolina Herrera.

This week-long extravaganza was set in motion last night, where the Creative Director, Wes Gordon, unveiled the highly-anticipated SS24 collection in a captivating presentation.

Wes Gordon, the visionary maestro steering the helm of the illustrious luxury brand Carolina Herrera, has been causing ripples in the world of high fashion. His innate ability to seamlessly merge timeless elegance with contemporary verve has breathed fresh vitality into this iconic label.

Gordon’s creative vision has not only reinvigorated Carolina Herrera but also solidified its standing as a global fashion juggernaut. As he introduced this quintessential American luxury fashion house to the Middle East, he astutely wove in design elements resonating with the region’s unique character.

Before Dubai’s fashion aficionados took center stage to admire his designs, we had the privilege of catching up with the creative director as he put the finishing touches on his much-awaited line. Surveying the city’s grandeur and the deep affection it holds for the brand, Gordon graciously shared why he deemed this locale the perfect backdrop for his latest collection.

“This region has become profoundly significant to our brand; it’s now one of the foremost fashion destinations. What you witness here embodies the ultimate Herrera client – a woman who adores glamour, revels in fashion, embraces vibrant hues, and derives sheer joy from dressing up. She is fearless, wearing clothes that bring her happiness – and that’s the woman I design for.”


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While the rest of the world may remain entranced by the concept of ‘quiet luxury,’ the women of Dubai, the quintessential Carolina Herrera devotees, adore their opulent colours. The current steward of the brand seems to concur, stating, “Quiet luxury is splendid, but there’s no singular rule. I never adhere to a single mandate; every day, I strive to craft pieces of beauty that infuse joy into people’s lives.”

In his closing statement, Wes Gordon eloquently affirmed, “Elegant designs that are wearable will never go out of style.” This sentiment echoes our own, and the Carolina Herrera SS24 collection was a true embodiment of the brand’s essence – playful floral prints, feminine-chic silhouettes, a jubilant palette, and textural refinements that further elevated its grandeur.”

Here’s a sneak-peek at some of our favourite looks from Carolina Herrera’s SS24 presentation at Dubai Fashion Week:

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