The royal encourages young Arabs to “seize the day” in an inspirational new message…

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has paid tribute to the history of Arabic in a moving open letter.

The royal also encouraged the region’s youth to “seize the day” when it comes to scientific opportunities, reminding readers that waiting comes with a “hefty price tag”.

And that’s a piece of advice we can use in all walks of life, not just science.

Sheikh Mohammed offered his words of wisdom as part of the first-ever issue of Popular Science Arabia, the Arab-language version of the scientific magazine.

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“We live in a time of rapid changes, monumental achievements, and profound knowledge and discoveries,” the royal wrote in the letter addressed to young Arabs.

“It is imperative that we evolve, adapt, and learn at the same pace as our world is transforming. Above all, we must learn in our own language and within our own culture.

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“Our Arabic language has always been one of learning and science; it will not fail to absorb and adapt to the sciences and discoveries of our day. It can go even further to create superior technical terms that better represent modern inventions and developments.”

Science and technology is a field in which the UAE hopes to further develop in the near future, with Sheikh Mohammed recently unveiling a plan to build a city habitable for humans on Mars by 2117.

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As part of that project, UAE universities will now have a strong focus on space science.

The UAE Centennial 2071, which was announced last month, will also see education programmes focused on advanced IT and engineering introduced across the country.

The goal? For the UAE to become the “best country in the world” by its centennial in 2071.

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“My message to the people of this region,” Sheikh Mohammed revealed in his letter, “is not to wait but to seize the initiative.

“Waiting can come with a hefty price tag of wasted time and missed opportunities. The time is ripe for scientific discoveries – seize the day and aspire to create new opportunities for knowledge and invention.

“Our ancestors built one of the most prominent civilisations in history: our youth are more than capable of restoring and advancing our cultural eminence.”

Feeling inspired? Us too… now, where did we put our old childhood chemistry set?

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Image: HH Sheikh Mohammed/Instagram