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If there is one person in Dubai who has fully embraced the #NewBottega movement, it’s Saira Farhat, aka @fashky on Instagram.


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Regularly spotted in the latest pieces from the brand, including the must-have chunky boots, the Dubai-based style star keeps a close eye on what the Italian house is doing under the creative direction of Daniel Lee.

Below, we have asked her to handpick her top seven pieces to shop now.

The blazer on

bottega veneta saira farhat fashky

“I’d say my signature go-to look generally involves a blazer, it’s such a versatile piece of clothing that transcends seasons. That’s what I’m about, I love wearing statement pieces regardless of whether we are in spring summer or winter.

This Bottega blazer is the perfect fit, it’s oversized, you can pair it with matching trousers, or some leather slacks to add drama. The colour is just as wearable for someone who loves muted shades, so all in all it’s a closet staple.”

The bag on

bottega veneta saira farhat fashky

“Bags are a lifetime investment right?! That’s what I tell my husband anyway. But seriously, a good handbag goes a long way. I generally opt for a practical one, my entire life gets thrown into it, wipes, purse, fragrance, receipts.. and everything in between. This one is big enough to deliver, and it’s simply stunning. What would I wear it with? Apart from date-night stuff, I’d wear it with my basics, Jeans, T-shirt, joggers to name a few. It is super wearable, and that’s what I love.”

The pouch on

bottega veneta saira farhat fashky

“A bit of a splurge item, but just like the sandals this bag is art. All that curly leather is art. If I could categorise this bag as a person, as a woman, she would be a reserved yet assured woman. Listens yet knows when to speak! Doesn’t need praise, but naturally shines. Independent! Style wise you do not want to inundate this.. a simple pair of structured trousers and a cashmere jumper is all that is required. Simple wow is all I’m saying.”

The sunglasses on

bottega veneta saira farhat fashky

“These sunglasses scream my name. Aviators with a geometric twist, yes please. Elevated eyewear without going overboard, yes please. Pair them with anything and everything, it’s that type of frame. School run?!  These have got you covered, excuse the pun. Complete a work look by throwing these on. Lunch with friends, yep.. definitely work. But what I’m ultimately trying to say is you can’t go wrong with them.”

The shoes on

bottega veneta saira farhat fashky

“I cannot take my eyes of these. Art in the form of a shoe. Just look at the structure, it’s like a piece of timeless furniture by the likes of Pierre Jeanneret, but in this case by Daniel Lee instead. You could wear a bin bag with these and still look seven star. Dress them up, dress them down, it really doesn’t matter, the shoe speaks volumes. I would save them for dinner though as I suck at wearing heels for more than, well 5 minutes. And once done wearing they’d go back up on my mantle piece.”

The earrings on

bottega veneta saira farhat fashky

“I’ve been wearing the same earrings lately for the longest time, from a high street brand. Sadly they’ve changed colour, and I think it’s time to up my game. These are on my radar as everyday basics.  Do you sense a trend here… I mention basics a lot because it’s season-less, and when you’re spending you want to make sure you get good use out of the item. I don’t believe in one-offs. And of course basics with a twist can we worn with countless outfits, it gives you time to dress up without worrying about what’s on your ears.”

The fragrance on

bottega veneta saira farhat fashky

“As well as looking great, smelling good is just as crucial. I picked this up in Italy after one sniff, that’s right one smell and I was convinced. A deep scent with floral accents. One spritz and you’re good to spend the entire day out without the air stealing too much from you.”

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