Singer Leesa A has shot to viral fame with her behind-the-wheel rap.

On the same day her country lifted its ban on women driving, a Saudi rapper dropped a music video celebrating life in the driver’s seat.

The video, titled We Are Driving, shows singer Leesa A behind the wheel of a Hyundai, proudly stating she now has “no need for taxis”.

“I don’t need anyone to take me/Drivers’ licence with me,” she raps, according to the BBC.

The driving ban – which had been in place since 1957 – officially ended on June 24. Saudi’s Ministry of Interior said more than 120,000 women had applied for licences.

Leesa A can be seen standing out of the sunroof, shifting gears and staring defiantly at the camera while holding the wheel. She says: “I am not kidding, today I can drive myself. The steering wheel in my hands, the pedal under my foot… I put the seatbelt over my abaya.”

The video quickly went viral, attracting more than 1.6 million views across Instagram and YouTube.

“Saudi Arabia gave women permission to drive and this is the first thing they do,” wrote one Twitter user.

American actress Jada Pinkett Smith was among those to show her approval: “Now women can drive in Saudi Arabia and are spitt’n barzzzzzz! I love it @leesaseal,” she tweeted.

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Main image: YouTube screenshot