Can a AED1,499 blow-dryer totally change your morning routine? We put it on trial.

Stylist to the Hollywood elite, Jen Atkin, is currently in Dubai to debut the much-hyped Dyson Supersonic hairdryer (aka the world’s most expensive hair-drying tool), and Emirates Woman got a first-hand experience trying it out.

“I’m obsessed with how light the dryer is,” says Atkin, who flew to Dubai from the Golden Globes in Los Angeles, where she had been styling Kendell Jenner and Hailey Baldwin’s hair.

“For girls, especially here in the region that are dealing with frizz and humidity, it’s really great to use the ‘styling concentrator’ nozzle because you get a great airflow and tackle any of those flyaways that you are dealing with.”

Priced at a hefty Dhs1,499, we were a little sceptical as to whether this blow-dryer was any better than the machines we have at home that are half the price.

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Our go-to beauty critic, Huda Kattan shared our doubts.

“When I first heard about the Dyson Supersonic Blow Dryer, to be honest, I wasn’t impressed. To me it looks like a gimmick and I have a hard time trusting a futuristic, UFO-like product – I didn’t buy into the hype,” reported Kattan on her site,

But it was no mean feat to create the hairdryer that is due to launch in the region on January 27.

Reportedly, Dyson trialled and tested the dryer on more than 1,000 miles of human hair and spent four years developing the product, spending US$72 million prior to the global launch last year. With these facts and figures, we reckoned, as did Huda, that perhaps there was little more to this device.

“It is indeed a powerful hair dryer! It sucks all the air in like a vacuum and blows it out in a straight and totally smooth way,” blogged Huda.

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Dyson Supersonic hairdryer

So what did we make of it? Well, it lived up to its super-speedy claims, and here’s three other things we noticed:

– It’s super lightweight. The motor is in the handle rather than the head so you can raise the dryer right to your roots without achy-arm syndrome.

– It’s quieter than our current dryer. The clever heads at Dyson made sure that the noise from the motor blades was beyond the range of human ears. In other words, it’s less whiny than other hairdryers and sounds more like a rush of air.

– The nozzles. We thought the diffuser was a thing of the past until we tried out Dyson’s version, which evenly distributes air-flow that dries our hair slowly, allowing our natural curl to form. Secondly, the magnetic, clip-on, twisty nozzles mean there’s no more waiting for the attachment to cool down before removing it -and we’ve burned our fingers that way in the past.

Our final verdict? Well, with drying time cut in half, we didn’t realise how low-maintenance drying our hair could be. So if it’s good enough for Jen Atkin and her little black book of celebrities – along with beauty queen Huda – it’s good enough for us.

The Dyson Supersonic is due to launch on January 27, 2017 exclusively at Sephora. Prices start at AED1,499.

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Video editor: Surajit Dutta
Videographer: Kristina Nabieva and Masam Ali