Supermodel Adriana Lima touched down in Dubai yesterday along with the world’s most expensive jewel-encrusted under garment – the Victoria’s Secret Royal Fantasy Bra and Belt, which has been designed exclusively for Victoria’s Secret by world-renowned jeweller Mouawad.

Each year, among the amazing wings, gorgeous models, and glittery performances at the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion shows, a multi-million dollar Fantasy Bra is showcased. Over the past few years the bra has ranged in price from US$2.5million to US$15million and has been worn by the likes of Tyra Banks, Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr.

This year’s Victoria’s Secret Royal Fantasy Bra and Belt is worth US$10 million and was worn by Candice Swanepoel. So expensive is the underwear – the bra features a pear-shaped centre ruby weighing 52ct – that it can only be worn during the shows and is protected by two body guards, which means, during her visit to the UAE, Adriana Lima will certainly not be donning the gear – sorry boys. Instead, Adriana is here simply to promote the Victoria’s Secret stores in Mall Of The Emirates and The Dubai Mall. The gem-encrusted underwear, however, will be on display at The Dubai Mall store until 6pm tonight.

As a leading fashion magazine and website, we thought it rude not to take time out of our busy schedules to  interview the supermodel. So, here, the delightful and gorgeous – seriously, she is one of the most stunning women we’ve ever seen – Adriana talks all things Victoria’s Secret and runway…

The Royal Fantasy Bra boasts over 4,200 precious gems including rubies, diamonds, and blue and yellow sapphires. It also comes with two bodyguards.

The Royal Fantasy Bra boasts over 4,200 precious gems including rubies, diamonds, and blue and yellow sapphires. It also comes with two bodyguards

What do you think of Dubai?

It’s such an amazing place. Everything is so new and exciting and everyone has been so welcoming. I was very lucky yesterday and got to go out to the desert. I rode a camel and it was so fun and I got to learn about Bedouins and falcons. Such an amazing experience for me.

Tell us about the Fantasy Bra?

It’s such an amazing piece. It is specially designed every year for the Victoria’s Secret show and there is a lot of anticipation about it. All the Angels look forward to seeing it and finding out who will be wearing it. I’m a really big fan of the Fantasy Bra this year as I love rubies and it really showcases them. The Fantasy Bras are so painstakingly put together and each diamond or semi-precious stone is put on one by one. I really want one but I realise that they are about US$10 million (laughs).

What’s it like being a Victoria’s Secret Angel?

It really is the most amazing job. The brand is just so popular and the shows aren’t like normal runway shows. They are a performance and a real spectacle almost like a musical. This year we had Taylor Swift perform, and Fall Out Boy – they were both fantastic.

What are the other Angels like?

It’s very much like a family and we are definitely a team. I’ve been with the brand since 1999 so I’m very lucky that I have worked with a lot of the Angels. All the girls are very sweet and down-to-earth. We only really get to see each other about twice a year but it’s very much like a reunion. We al really love the brand as well, so it’s not a hard job, it’s very fun.

How do you maintain your amazing figure?

I’m very passionate about exercise, which I think is lucky. Keeping fit is such a big part of my job but I do find it hard to find time especially with my kids and travelling a lot. I really love boxing and have been doing it for years, it’s great to stay in shape. When I travel, I pack a skipping rope so I can exercise whenever I can fit it in.

How are you celebrating Christmas?

Since I am married with two kids, it will be all about family. Traditionally, in Brazil, we have turkey for Christmas and we sit around talking about the year we have had and what we are looking forward to in the year ahead.

What are you hoping to find under your Christmas tree?

Well I think it’s the thought that counts, but if my husband was to buy me jewellery, I would really like that.

What can we expect from you in 2014?

I’m not very good at New Year’s resolutions as I never seem to get round to them. I would really like to get into acting though. I’ve taken some acting lessons and I feel this is really something that I want to do. You never know where you will see me next!

The Brazilian beauty struts her stuff on the runway

The Brazilian beauty struts her stuff on the runway

The Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra will be on show in The Dubai Mall store today until 6pm.