A US professor’s thoughtful act for his Muslim students is giving us all the warm fuzzies…

Studying can be taxing enough on a normal day – let alone during the fasting period. But imagine how you would feel if your final exams fell during Ramadan?

It’s a real problem for many Muslim students at the University of Washington, where finals take place during the Holy Month.

But according to the Seattle Times, a group of professors at the university’s Bothell campus are now keeping their classroom doors open until midnight, so fasting students can sit their exams after sunset.

The kind-hearted gesture was initiated by biology professor Bryan White, who last year noticed one of his Muslim students struggling during her exam – despite getting good grades throughout the quarter.

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He realised she was finding it hard to concentrate because she was so hungry.

This year, he decided to do something about it. The professor scheduled two exams – one in the morning, at the normal time, and another at 10pm, to give Muslim students a chance to break their fast before taking the important test.

Inspired by White’s example, two other professors at the university have decided to do the same.

“To me, this was a very simple thing,” White told the Seattle Times. “It’s not uncommon for me to be at work until midnight anyway.”

His students disagree. “This might not seem like a lot to Dr. White, but it really means a lot to us,” Zoha Awan told the newspaper.

“To see even something this small … it does make a big difference.”

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