As face-altering filters have become normal beauty ideals in this day and age, unrealistic expectations have been set in the world of social media, which have changed for the better last year.

With a social media movement taking place in July 2020, UK-based model and makeup artist Sasha Louise Pallari spearheaded the #FilterDrop campaign.

Pallari noticed influencers taking part in advertising campaigns using beautifying filters to promote products which, in turn, falsified incorrect notions of beauty standards around the world. This is where #FilterDrop was born with an aim to promote natural beauty and embrace one’s true self.

Now, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK have addressed matters regarding misleading advertisements implementing new regulations, stating that filters can no longer be used when promoting cosmetics.

Upon the change of the rules which came after Pallari’s successful #FilterDrop campaign, the makeup artist and model said, “On 22/01/2021 I received an email stating that “the outcome of the rulings chosen means it is now advised that brands/influencers/celebrities are not to apply filters to photos which promote beauty products if such filters are likely to exaggerate the effect the product is capable of achieving, even if the name of the filter is referenced in the Instagram story.”

“Today those rulings have been put in place and it’s because of this campaign,” she added.

While this law is specific to the UK only, it’s no doubt going to have a knock-on effect globally going forward in a very positive way.

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Images: Instagram @sashalouisepallari