The UAE is the second safest country in the world

The UAE took second place in a list of the world’s safest countries to travel to this week. The study was complied by the British organisation Which?, and took into consideration factors such as likelihood of natural disasters, health risks, terrorism risks and NHS and Foreign and Commonwealth Office intelligence.


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The organisation looked at 20 of the most visited nations by British travellers, and ranked them in order of safety. Iceland took top place, while the UAE ranked second, Singapore third, and Spain took fourth place.

The study also noted that “parts of North Africa and the Middle East are safer by some measures than US and Europe”, and that “Jordan has a lower risk of crime than France, Italy, the US and Thailand,” while “Morocco has less crime and a lower risk of terrorism than most of Europe and the US.”

In September, Abu Dhabi was named “safest city in the world” for the second year running by crowd-sourced global database Numbeo, while Dubai ranked at 11th place in the study.

Congrats to the UAE!

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