With travel back on everyone’s mind as life returns to normal post-pandemic, powerful passports are of prime importance for many.

The UAE passport continues to hold a high ranking year after year and it has managed to keep its position in the top 15 on the Henley Passport Index for 2022.

As a mirror of the country’s day-by-day advancements and awe-inspiring progress, the visa-free travel option with this passport promotes freedom of movement to many countries around the world without any added hassle.

By ranking 15th on the list, UAE passport holders can travel visa-free to 175 destinations the globe over. On the index, it has been ranked the highest in the Arab world.

UAE passport

Image supplied by Unsplash @element5

Meanwhile, Singapore and Japan achieved a joint first position with the ability to travel to 192 visa-free destinations around the globe. Ranking in the second position is Germany and South Korea followed by Finland, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain.

Per the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC), “The strength of the passport represents the identity of the citizen and an important factor affecting its access to global opportunities, ease of movement and quality of life. These positive impacts make it possible for UAE nationals to travel freely for tourism, enjoy economic, developmental and even humanitarian benefits by facilitating trade and economic investments for individuals and institutions.”

The UAE’s position was drastically boosted after its Schengen Visa waiver fee in 2015, allowing the country’s passport holders to travel to 26 European countries visa-free.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan ranks last on the list with citizens only able to visit 26 countries without the need for a visa, along with Iraqi and Syrian passport holders that also rank in a similar position.

To read the full index and to see where your passport stands visit henleyglobal.com

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Images: Unsplash, Instagram @dubai