It’s a momentous occasion for the country

The UAE passport is now the “most powerful passport in the world”, that’s according to the Global Passport Index. Rising from number three in the world, it surpassed the German and Singaporean passports which currently hold the second highest position.


The UAE passport now has the same ranking as the UK’s passport

UAE passport is now the 8th most powerful in the world

The country’s passport has seen a meteoritic rise in ranking this year, making the number three spot less than one month ago, following its rise from number eight in the world in September.

Those with a UAE passport can now enter 113 countries around the world visa free, 54 countries with a visa on arrival and 31 with a visa required. This means that Emiratis can access 84% of the world visa free.

The company behind the Global Passport Index is Arton Capital, a company which offers advice to those who want to obtain a second citizenship or permanent residency in another country.

The leader of Dubai, and prime minister of the UAE, HH Sheikh Mohammed commented on the achievement saying that the “world was opening its doors to the UAE” and congratulated the country on the achievement.


According to Arton Capital, the index “ranks passports based on the number of countries the holder can visit without first obtaining a visa or applying for one on entry.” The founder and president of Arton Capital, Armand Arton said “The Passport Index is the most prominent rating of a passport’s power through an interactive platform that continuously monitors changes and developments, adding that it has become the world’s premier reference for governments”.

In a statement on the new number spot held by the UAE, the Global Passport Index said that the UAE was a bastion of political and economic good will in the region: “the country is setting an example to other nations, both in the Arab World and beyond, that positive diplomacy can yield substantial results.”.

Congratulations to the UAE!

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