And civil defence trainers are hoping to recruit more.

With our climate and high rises, this has got to be one of the most demanding places in the world to be a firefighter.

It’s not a job for the faint of heart, and if the Emirates Civil Defence Training Academy has its way, there will soon be more women doing it.

Following Sharjah’s landmark hiring of 15 women firefighters, the academy is recruiting women into its ranks, The National reports.

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Speaking at Careers UAE, an Emirati job fair, the academy’s firefighting director Sylvain Theriault told the paper that women-only courses were in the offing.

“The job is not just about strength and fitness, it is also about thinking in difficult situations and resolving problems under pressure, women are very good at that. They are better than men at working smarter,” Theriault said.

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“If a woman is trapped in a building or vehicle, it is sometimes preferable to have a woman handling that situation so we welcome more women to become trained up for jobs in the fire service industry.”

Firefighting training in the UAE has been adapted from the United Kingdom’s model, The National reports, with changes made to suit our environment.

“The summer heat is a big factor in the training. During the hottest months we will train the recruits at night,” Theriault said.

“We teach students how to try and stay cool, as it is very hot wearing the protective equipment.”

It’s a physically and mentally demanding job, but one that’s sure to be rewarding. Part time study is available, Theriault said.

Check out the academy’s site here if you’re keen.

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