Counting down to Emirates Woman, Woman of the Year Awards

Want to know what some of the fiercest women in the region will be doing on November 18 in Dubai? They will be celebrating their amazing achievements at the Emirates Woman Woman of the Year Awards 2019.

One of the most glamorous evenings on the Dubai calendar promises to be the best one yet as we champion the shining stars in the Visionaries, Achievers, Young Talent, Arts & Culture, and Humanitarian categories.

Ready to meet the finalists?


Amanda Kate Perry
CEO and Managing Director, Vitality Management Consultancies and Vital Corporate Solutions

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“I am a business consultant and build healthy, wealthy companies quickly so that my clients can retain their passion for their business.  I work with women predominantly as this is where I can deliver the most value as I understand the female entrepreneur mindset.”

Ghizlan Guenez

emirates woman of the year awards 2019
Founder and CEO, The Modist

“We have big ambitions and plans for The Modist and our own brand, Layeur. We want to continue to lead the modesty movement and grow our community of like-minded women who make a choice to dress and live a certain way.”

Hjayceelyn M.Quintana

emirates woman of the year awards 2019
Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines to the UAE

“As an ambassador, I reach out to my one million compatriots, providing them with fresh ideas and inspiration in order to raise their profile in the UAE and to encourage them to be positive contributors to society. I also help in addressing gender issues by connecting with relevant institutions in the UAE.”

Bana Shomali
Founder and CEO,

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“I am the Founder and CEO of We help UAE consumers find and book over 25 home services online – from plumbers to painters, cleaners to carpenters. We are the single largest player in the space having successfully raised over $6 million in venture capital funding to date.”

Natasha Sideris
Founder & Managing Director, The Tashas Group

“I oversee the development of all of our brands (tashas, Flamingo Room by tashas and Galaxy Bar). I am passionate about design and work closely with our team on the interiors of all of our stores. I also oversee the creation of all of our menus as we are constantly looking to innovate.”

Young Talent

Adwa Aldakheel
Founder & CEO, Falak Business Hub and Ns3a Recruitment

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“I am the first Saudi woman to release an instrumental music album and to become a squash champion. I’ve also launched jewellery and perfume brands and gained my pilot’s license. Not only that, I have published a best-selling book entitled Proven Billionaires’ Formula. My Falak Business Hub, a hybrid accelerator, incubator, co-working space and angel investor, is also a great achievement.”

Ameni Esseibi

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“I have two major milestone moments. The first one was when I was recognised by modelling agencies in Dubai. That was a tough job that I did all by myself, with no help. The second was when I was able to portray body positivity to my followers on social media. They are mostly of the younger generation and have frustrations and issues with all the content on Instagram, not knowing that each picture is subject to lots of filters.”

Hessa Falasi
Founder and Creative Director, Hessa Falasi

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“What’s next? I will be looking to express my artistic vision in other areas of luxury that empower a modern Arab woman’s lifestyle. From interior styling to designing luxury heels, I am undertaking a variety of artistic endeavours, all aimed at creating stylish options for the modern Arab woman.”

Megan Pormer
International Model and Cancer Activist

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“I had the opportunity to speak with Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian-West about the importance of genetic testing while they were filming their reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It was an incredible platform for my mission to reach thousands of people.”

Leah Depala
Singer and Songwriter

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“I am in the process of creating my next song, which is yet to be titled. However, I am already extremely excited for people to hear it. After its release I’m hoping to put out an EP containing a mix of different styles.”


Najla Ahmed Al Midfa
CEO, Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“At the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa) we are on a mission to establish Sharjah as a thriving entrepreneurship hub. I am grateful to be surrounded by passionate, impact-driven entrepreneurs every day and I feel privileged to be able to support them as they build start-ups that are a force for positive change.”

Sarah Jones
CEO & Founder, Spriii

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

‘Our goal for the next 12 months is to really hone our product offering and to connect with mums on an even bigger scale. We want to become the market leader for mother and baby brands in the region – an ambition we’re well on our way to achieving with a new injection of funds and investment in some really cool tech to power our expansion. It’s a very exciting time, so definitely watch this space.”

Sharihan Al Mashary
UNSDSN (United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network) General Manager, Emaar Hospitality Group

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“My mission is to change the mindset of hospitality and VTE in the Arab Region, continue efforts to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and its advocacy in tertiary education. Support and train Emirati youth and women for employment.”

Zainab Al Salih
Founder and Managing Director, Carousel Events

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“My future plans include writing my first book and expanding Carousel beyond the region, continuing to raise my boys. Inspiring new generations of Middle Eastern women to dream big, and to chase their dreams.”

Aseel Al-Hamad
Formula One driver, Board Member, Saudi Arabian Motor Federation and Female Empowerment Advocate

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“I am the first female to be appointed as a board member of the Saudi Arabian Motor Federation. My role is to champion the voice of female drivers in the kingdom. It’s a huge honour.”

Art & Culture

Butheina Hamed Kazim
Founder & Managing Director, Cinema Akil

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“Cinema Akil started as a travelling nomadic cinema in 2014 and has shown films across the UAE. I was also a Fulbright scholar of media, culture and communication at New York University. In the past I was a project manager for television and radio stations in the UAE.”

Jullz Bek
Filmmaker and Musician 

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“Biggest milestone is having our debut song released on major platforms such as Apple and Spotify and the release of our debut music video on Vevo. It was a song I wrote called Breeze. The film was shot in New York and the concept was written by me. I also had my short documentary, Illusions, screened at different UAE festivals before its online release.”

Kamelia Zaal
Managing Director and Lead Designer

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“My aim is to continue educating and pushing for the use of indigenous plants in landscapes across the Middle East. I’m also currently designing a beautiful Islamic garden in Al Barari in Dubai.”

Neha Pandey
Artist and Entrepreneur 

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“I’m a creative, an entrepreneur, and a singer at Neha Music Beats, SpotlampE, 9XM, and for the Bollywood industry. I’m also the founder of Bella Bee in the UAE and an independent mother.”

Dima Abdul Kader and Nikki Meftah
Co-Founders, Emergeast

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“Emergeast is the first online art gallery dedicated to supporting the Middle East’s emerging artists. Our mission is twofold: unveiling the region’s rising stars while connecting them to young collectors wanting to build their art collection at affordable prices.”


Juan Zhao (Jane)

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“My biggest achievement is being appointed a TCM doctor at Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai, providing complementary Chinese medical treatments and being appreciated by the team. Being able to perform, share and expand Chinese treatment – acupuncture – in China, Oman, the UAE and Europe.”

Laila Mostafa Abdullatif
Director General, Emirates Nature-WWF

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“With half the world’s population under the age of 30, young people today will shape the world of tomorrow. I am extremely proud to have launched the ‘Connect with Nature’ movement earlier this year, encouraging youth to visit wadis, beaches and deserts to better understand the importance of protecting the UAE’s nature.”

Maysa Jalbout
Non-resident Fellow, The Brookings Institution 

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“I have spent 25 years helping the most vulnerable people in the world gain access to education and securing sustainable livelihoods. I have helped governments, international organisations and philanthropists create education and employment opportunities for millions of people in refugee camps, poor neighbourhoods and remote areas of the Middle East, Africa and Asia.”

Dr. Tessy de Nassau
Director and Co-Founder, Professors Without Borders

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“I am a social entrepreneur, business woman, philanthropist, UNAIDS ambassador, public speaker, activist and mother. Professors Without Borders, brings top-level educators and global experts to the doorsteps of students worldwide in order to develop talent.”

Azadeh Issari
Co-founder, SNIFF Middle East

emirates woman of the year awards 2019

“I am the co-founder of SNIFF, an animal welfare group that works towards the rehabilitation and re-homing of stray and abandoned dogs and cats across the UAE. We have been operating for the past six years and have had over 8,000 success stories.”

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