The lowdown: LVL is a chemical treatment on your own lashes, lifting and curling them permanently for eight to 12 weeks.

A therapist lays you down on a massage bed and covers you with a blanket, which combined with the chilled music playing overhead, instantly relaxes you.

With your eyes closed your lashes are put in a pseudo-mould. The whole process takes only 45 minutes and the therapist throws in therapeutic head and shoulder massage too while you wait for the lashes to set.

Results: You notice the difference instantly. Your own lashes have been revamped and pumped up so it looks like you’re wearing mascara.

Top tip: You can put mascara over the top for added wow-factor but note you can’t get lashes wet or use any product on them for 24 hours after the treatment.

Best for: Those too afraid to opt for lash extensions or those who love the look of extensions but hate the bald eye feeling once they drop out.

The salon: Salon Ink has been around for five years in the UAE but moved to its new address in July. Its prime spot opposite Jumeirah Beach Park allows for stunning views from it floor-to-ceiling windows.

This is one seriously chic place with a sleek design – monochrome walls with spotlights and comfy black leather chairs offer a modern edge.



Location: Salon Ink, Jumeirah Beach Plaza, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai

Details:, (04) 3854402

Price: Dhs300