As the travel industry was turned on its head last year due to the global pandemic, restrictions across the world have continued to change.

While some countries previously opened their borders in summer 2020, it led them to then close them again at the end of last year. Despite this, many countries are still open for travel, but staying up-to-date on the fluctuating restrictions can prove to be difficult.

However, there’s a website that’s aimed at revolutionising the travel industry, helping travellers stay informed on the latest updates they need to know.

While Kayak is first and foremost a platform KAYAK that searches through hundreds of sites to compile information on flights, hotels, hire cars, holiday packages, it’s also become a go-to to showcase details on which countries have travel restrictions.

Using a colour-coded system, the site outlines a summary regarding each country’s restrictions.

Red signifies a country’s borders are completely closed only allowing citizens and residents returning home or people in special circumstances to enter.

Partially open in pink depicts the entrance into the country depending on the travellers citizenship or any other specific regulations. Orange signifies borders reopening soon with certain entry requirements still being applicable.

Finally, green showcases that the country has no formal restrictions or entry by air, with the situation still being monitored through either testing or quarantining upon arrival.

KAYAK Travel restrictions

Currently, the summary includes information on the 50 countries that have their borders completely closed, 122 countries that are partially open, five countries to be opening soon and 43 countries which have no travel restrictions.

The colour-coded map is also interactive, as more information is available once users click on the country to reveal entry restrictions, requirements and quarantine details. This creates awareness for passengers who wish to travel.

In addition, KAYAK also provides travel guides for each city, so you’re fully aware of where to visit for each place with a list of all the things to do with the prices.

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Feature image: Unsplash @rparmly