When it comes to photography, you no longer need to own a state-of-the-art camera to get the best quality photos, your phone is now able to do just as good a job, if not better.

With an advanced camera system at your fingertips, the Apple iPhone 13 provides the perfect technology for shooting remarkable images.

However, there are a few tricks of the trade that several UAE photographers know about that perhaps the everyday user isn’t accustomed to.

With that and the UAE being home to several hidden gems that are a must to capture on camera, we consulted three talented talented photographers, who shared their tips and absolute favourite destinations to shoot in the region.

Alanood Mubarak

Alanood Mubarak photos

Known for all her tempting wanderlust snaps and captivating landscape pictures, Alanood is a keen photographer and thoroughly enjoys capturing the outdoors. For her, the key highlighted spots to shoot in the UAE are the vast sandy deserts, the rocky mountains, mangroves and salt plains.


For Alanood, one of her most trusted pieces of advice is to always keep your lens clean. Simple, but true. Dust spots on the camera can hinder clarity and affect the quality.

Ensuring she always takes sharp and crisp photos, it’s crucial to set the perfect level of brightness and adjust it accordingly to ensure colour and detail are in alignment for bright clean whites. To avoid pixelated photos it’s best to use the optical zoom features of 0.5x, 1x and 3x as this keeps the image clear.

Lastly, for editing the best option is VSCO as it improves the colour by keeping it natural yet vibrant.

Geny Baluyot

Geny Baluyot

Whether the drone light show or the picturesque hiking trails, Geny has captured it all.


For a more fresh take on videos, they can be done by holding and touching the shutter button while being on the photo mode and to avoid any distortion on the edges of the pictures while using the ultra-wide camera, it’s essential to turn on the lens correction toggle on the camera settings.

Huda Bin Redha

Huda bin Redha

Known for her adventurous photographs shot mostly during golden hour, Huda has always been inspired by the outdoors and loves capturing locations with natural light. Her passion has also been translated into her most recent night photography pictures with the hidden gems including the clear winter skies.


It’s always better to use natural lighting, especially golden hour to understand the natural colours. For shooting at night, she recommends using the night mode to capture stars and other key elements with the exposure that can be amended from one second up to 30 seconds depending on how dark it is. For stability, a tripod always helps to keep the exposure longer. It always helps to see different angles that could potentially work to have more results for the final work, as perspective is key.

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Images: Supplied & feature image: Pexels @tim-gouw