As you may or may not have read, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather recently stopped by Dubai, and forked out a whopping USD$1.1 million on a Hublot wristwatch, which got us thinking, in a city of endless luxuries, what are some of the most expensive ‘bling’ items on sale?

While there are unarguably better things to spend your money on than a watch so adorned you can barely read the time, Floyd Mayweather’s purchase got the better of us, so we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Bling Things You Can Buy In Dubai.

 1. A truffle meal at Cavalli Club Dubai – Dhs1,000 per person

With regards to high-end clubs, Cavalli is definitely up there. But wait! It gets better. Have you ever been half-way through a night out and fancied a truffle butter risotto? Well, they’ve now got you covered. Their menu offers up starters like jumbo asparagus, Parmesan foam and white truffles, with white truffle tiramisu for dessert among others. A menu perfect for the more complex palette.

Cavalli Club


2. Cocktail – Dhs15,000

Ain’t no party like a party that involves cocktails worth Dhs15,000. Flaunt your wealth to other party-goers by splashing out on this drink-fancy. Named the ‘Birth of an Icon’, this dusted-with-gold cocktail can be purchased at the Burj al Arab Skyview bar.

Skyview Bar


3. Fabergé egg – Dhs47,000

Most of us will know already how much a Fabergé egg can cost (in the millions). However, if you were to walk into the Fabergé store in The Dubai Mall, you can bag yourself one for the bargain price of Dhs47,000. Be warned though, it doesn’t hatch into a diamond-encrusted bird.

Faberge Egg


4. Spa treatment – Dhs25,000

If you’ve already decked out with gold-a-plenty, what better idea could be had than smothering it all over your face? The Talise Ottoman Spa at the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray will happily provide you with a 24-carat gold facial package, which involves an Arabian gold hammam, massage, rose and milk oil bath, and a casual lunch of bubbly and caviar.

Talise Spa


5. Dental treatment – Dhs14,500

Dashing Hollywood dentist Michael Apa has recently opened up his Dubai clinic, giving those of you with a little extra cash the opportunity to have your teeth tended to by the best in the biz. This is the guy that’s responsible for the flashy smiles of the Dubai royal family and numerous celebrities. However, to have a single veneer fitted by Apa himself, it’ll cost you Dhs14,500 per tooth – thats up to just under Dhs500,000 for a full set.

Michael Apa


Honourable mention:

The ‘Korloff Noir’ black diamond.

The Korloff boutique in The Dubai Mall currently has one of the world’s largest black diamonds on show at its new store – the ‘Korloff Noir’. An 88-carat ‘black’ diamond with 57 cuts, but you can’t buy it. It’s so unique that it is priceless. Before being cut and polished, the diamond had 421 carats. It’s insured for US$37 million.



Main Image: Floyd Mayweather with his Hubolt watch (Hubolt Instagram)