We’ve all seen videos of over-the-top marriage proposals – hundreds of onlookers, silly amounts of planning, and the very real feeling of obligation to say yes… you know the ones. For some of us, they’re the cutest thing ever, but for the more introverted types – a nightmare scenario.

Regardless, a good marriage proposal is entertaining to watch, whether they leave us smiling, crying or cringing. We’ve lined up five of our favourite marriage proposals from right here in Dubai, from the flashy to the downright failed….

Camaro Proposal

A girl is driving down a desert road when all of a sudden she spots her friends up ahead. Each one of them is holding a different sign…

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Virgin Radio Show Proposal

One of Dubai’s most well known radio hosts, an unsuspecting Priti Malik, co-host from The Kris Fade Show gets engaged live on air in front of thousands of listeners.


Flash Mob Proposal at The Above Club

A boyfriend surprises his girlfriend with a flash mob during a night out with friends at The Above Club, Sofitel Hotel. She doesn’t figure out what’s going on until he stands up himself and joins in…

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Ski Dubai Penguin Proposal

This man took his girlfriend to the penguin encounter at Ski Dubai, who was so involved in cuddling her penguin she barely noticed a second one waddling up with a present around his neck…

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Dubai Mall Proposal Fail

Not all proposals go to plan, and it seemed that this poor guy had it mapped out a little differently in his head than his girlfriend did. The interrupting train halfway through isn’t even the worst part, and this entire ordeal is a cringefest from the get go. There are rumours that this one is staged, but regardless, it’s still rather difficult to watch.