It can be tough for a fresh graduate to find a job in the UAE.

Either the job doesn’t take your fancy, or, unfortunately more often than not, you don’t take theirs.

Often the key to nabbing that role is all about having certain skills. Yes, we know after graduating that’s annoying to hear but according to LinkedIn, the social media site for professionals, there are specific skills that if on your CV could see your potential sky rocket.

LinkedIn have actually released a list of the ‘Top Skills of 2016’ wanted by employers in the UAE. So if you’ve been having trouble finding employment, perhaps it’s because you don’t possess knowledge in one of the following areas…

Top Skills of 2016 wanted by UAE employers

1. Statistical analysis and data mining

2. Public policy and international relations

3. Algorithm design

4. Web architecture and development framework

5. SEO/SEM marketing

6. Middleware and integration software

7. User interface design

8. Renewable and sustainable energy

9. Mining and commodities

10. Corporate law and governance

As the list shows, many of the above skills are tech-focused, which makes sense when you consider the 2020 vision for the UAE.

Public policy and international relations also ranks highly, showing the importance the UAE gives to both international and judicial matters.

Also in time for the UAE’s 2020 vision, renewable and sustainable energy was also in the top 10.

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How were the results found?

The top 10 skills were discovered through grouping skills found in professional profiles on LinkedIn’s website. The skills were then compared against the trends in hiring activity from January 2016 to September 2016.

How can I learn these?

Luckily, it’s LinkedIn’s Week of Learning from October 24 to 30. Throughout the Week of Learning, all of LinkedIn Learning’s courses are 100 per cent free.

You can take courses in everything from business software and project management, to graphic design, 3D animation and software development.

The UAE’s 10 skills of 2016 wanted by employers also have free courses. So if you think it’s time to get up off the couch, or were looking to switch jobs – you can perhaps get a head start.

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