Sometimes life just take its toll on us, whether its unrealistic deadlines at work, the kids running riot at home or even your friends and family expecting too much from you. Occasionally we all just need some time out and some TLC that doesn’t involve breaking the bank.

Tips & Toes salon is great for affordable beauty treatments, however while it’s usually associated with its amazing mani/pedis, we discovered its facials are also pretty incredible…

Treatment: Essential Deep Cleansing Facial

Where: Tips & Toes Salon, JBR (but also available in all Tips & Toes Salons)

The Low Down: Perfect for distressed skin, the treatment consists of deep pore-cleansing as well as exfoliation. After the skin is cleaned , a purifying liquid and mask is then gently massaged to replenish the face, neck and décolletage. The rich mask is left to seep into the pores while a steamer is placed overhead, further allowing the minerals from the mask to penetrate deep into the epidermis.

As the mask, which is tailored to your skin type, works its magic the therapist massages your head and shoulders. Unlike most head massages it’s not oily – just purely relaxing and great for releasing any tension. With pores unclogged the mask is lightly removed and a rich moisturisor is worked into the skin leaving it silky smooth.

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The Results: The treatment was so delicate and soothing it was instantly relaxing. Couple that with the head massage, and the stresses from a hectic week at work just melted away. The delicate facial massaging, which helped boost circulation, and the minerals in the products used during the treatment resulted in such a healthy glow that I didn’t need to apply any make-up afterwards. The glow lasted a full week after the treatment! Affordable and highly effective, it’s a five out of five from us.

The Details: Dhs350 for 1hour 15 min treatment.

Top Tip: Whilst you’re at it throw in a mani/pedi (Dhs140 for the combo) while having your facial. You will leave feeling like a princess despite spending less than Dhs500.

Tel: (04) 3990550,

Tip & Toes Essential Deep Cleansing Facial Review

Further expanding, Tips & Toes have opened a new branch on the Golden Mile on The Palm


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