And it’s got a seriously classic soundtrack…

Airlines these days tend to really put their all into their advertising and safety videos. In a crowded market, it makes sense – they’ve got to give us a reason to fly with them. Anyone who’s ever flown with Air New Zealand will know the lengths companies will go to in their quest to stand out (there’s one featuring Lord of the Ring characters and another starring Sports Illustrated models).

Emirates have thrown their hat in the ring with their latest commercial, and people are responding exactly as we’re sure they’d hoped.

Jennifer Aniston stars in Emirates campaign 
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Basically, if you weren’t already planning a holiday, this will have you mentally booking flights.

Set to the sounds of Queen’s classic hit Don’t Stop Me Now, the ad moves from Sydney, to Tokyo, through an African safari, to Rio di Janeiro, New York and London, before landing back home in Dubai. It’s slick and big budget (it cost US$15 million, or Dhs55 million), as well as providing us with a shortlist of ultimate holiday destinations.

The ad is all about Dubai as a travel hub, and as residents, we’re so well-placed to take advantage of that. Where else can you pop to Sri Lanka for a weekend, and then Istanbul the next?

Since it went up on Sunday, the ad has received a stream of praise on YouTube and Instagram.

The release comes on the heels of Etihad’s super-stylish safety video, set between a fashion runway and an airliner. In case you need a reminder, here it is:

Emirates’ last big campaign featured Jennifer Aniston, so we’d say that with this Dubai-centric spot, they’ve gone from strength to strength.

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Images: Emirates/YouTube