Do you struggle to find a design to go with that after-dark gown? This new collection might be the answer.

Growing up, Melanie Elturk only had two hijabs she chose from on a daily basis—and a decade later, she turned that lack of choice into a successful career.

In 2010, the American entrepreneur founded Haute Hijab, an online e-tailer that specialises in contemporary modestwear for Muslim women.

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And, eight years on, the shopping destination has just broken new ground with its latest collection—a luxury range of hijabs designed to solve formalwear dilemmas.

“When I reflect back at the most special moments of my life—my law school graduation, my engagement, and especially my wedding—I didn’t have appropriate formal hijab options that corresponded with my outfit,” former attorney Elturk told InStyle.

“We put so much time and effort into our actual outfit but due to lack of options—our hijab often becomes an afterthought.”

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So, the e-tailer set out to change that, creating a five-piece line crafted in luxe silks, chiffons and lace, with details ranging from ornate embroidery to shimmering crystal studding.

The collection, which retails for between US$250 and US$325, was inspired by Old Hollywood design from the Thirties, Forties and Fifties, Elturk revealed.

“Women have been coming to us from day one saying, ‘I want this fabric and these colours and these prints,’” she told Glamour.

Melanie Elturk

Melanie Elturk at Dubai Modest Fashion Week in December 2017.

“So many of our customers are… spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on amazing dresses to wear to a soiree, and then wearing a plain, dark hijab.”

While the line is pricier than Haute Hijab’s other collections, which start from US$20, Elturk says the quality of the design and fabrics don’t come cheap.

“When we understood how much true luxury fabrics and design elements cost and that we’d have to sacrifice to get the price that low we realised it would compromise our vision,” she told InStyle.

haute hijab

“Instead, we opted for the best materials and the best workmanship and had to raise the price. I was a little nervous because there currently aren’t any hijabs on the market at these prices, but then again, we’re creating a completely new category in this space, so why not make them the ultimate in luxury?”

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The collection, you’ll be happy to hear, launched online this month—and the best news? It ships to the UAE.

The hard bit is going to be deciding which one to buy…