For those that love standing out at a party, holiday soirées are just the perfect excuse to dress-up!

When it comes to planning your fabulous new outfits this season, this fashion e-commerce store has launched a collaboration with popular Kuwaiti influencer Farah Al Hady.

Not only it this collaboration incredibly eye-catching and perfect for the party season, but it’s also groundbreaking as Al Hady has become the first Arab influencer to join hands with SHEIN in the Middle East.

Emirates woman had the privilege to sit down with Farah Al Hady and understand how she managed to curate a collection with SHEIN this year.

Could you tell us about your style in a few words?


My personal style is always affected by my mood. Unless there are some special occasions, I never plan what to wear ahead of time as it all comes to my mind on that day. That’s why I don’t have any specific style, it changes every day, but mostly my go-to looks are feminine yet casual.

What was your initial reaction when SHEIN presented you with this opportunity?

I’m very happy and honoured to be the first person in the Middle East to collaborate with SHEIN to launch this lovely collection and I hope to do more similar collaborations with SHEIN in the future.

What inspired you to be a part of this exclusive FW 2020 collaboration with SHEIN?

After wearing a vintage dress from SHEIN in March earlier this year, it became viral and people loved my choices especially from this category! My followers were eagerly waiting to see what the next look would be. It made me excited to launch an exclusive collection for fashion lovers, in collaboration with SHEIN, the partner I always love.

This collection is inspired by Arab women and what suits their lifestyle! I want my pieces to be in every home, every wardrobe and for every occasion! That’s why I decided to launch this collection with SHEIN to suit every woman for any occasion in life.

Any challenges that you specifically faced while launching the collection and how did you overcome them?

In order to ensure the high quality of this collection, I needed to maintain remote communication with SHEIN’s design team, give my ideas and feedbacks from time to time. But because of the special situation of this year and a busy schedule, sometimes communication takes a long time. I tried my best to overcome it and follow up through the entire process.

As the SHEIN X FARAH FW 2020 collection consists of four main categories, which one would you say is most closely associated with your aesthetic?

The SHEIN vintage collection became my passion and I never knew that I could resonate with it so well. As I mentioned that since the first time I wore a vintage dress from SHEIN in March this year, people adored it and I became obsessed with getting the whole vintage collection by SHEIN! The pieces are very stylish, feminine and effortlessly chic, they look nice with any makeup or hairstyle or even without. In addition, they fit many occasions, it was very easy to choose the right outfit and look great!

As this collaboration has four separate categories, what was the driving force in doing so in creating separate themes?

This collection consists of 4 categories: feminine vintage, elegant Fa’a, my casual wardrobe and party. Each category offers a different style. I want my pieces to be in every home, every wardrobe and every occasion, and I hope my collection suits every woman whether she is a student, a mother, a businesswoman or a housewife! Each woman will find what suits her to match her lifestyle.

Is there any specific era the collection is resonated with and why?

Women in the 1980s pursued distinct and independent personalities, dressed boldly, and preferred exaggerated styles with shoulder-padded suits that created a rage at the time. In the past two years, the retro style has resurfaced and many big names have played the shoulder pad style in their new season launches. The puff sleeves are another important element, it has a retro court style, which is very aristocratic. In addition, you could find printing and embroidery features in this collection, some pieces with silk and velvet fabrics which were also popular in the 1980s.

As this is the festive season – what would you say are the must-have party essentials that one must own in their wardrobe?

Bold coloured dresses include puff sleeves, floaty floral skirts, statement lace blouses, wrap dresses with gorgeous lace details, floral prints and dreamy puff sleeves are some of the pieces to own this season. These chic and timeless pieces will add a touch of drama and fantasy to your wardrobe. In addition, power suits with exquisite printing is also a good option to make you look confident. Essential accessories include sling bags, clutches, boots and classic heels to streamline your look and make you feel super confident.

What has changed since you first became a fashion influencer and what are some of your tips to adapt to the new norm?

I’ve always loved fashion since I was in high school, it was my passion. I spent several hours watching fashion videos on YouTube and wished to become one of those girls who collaborate with good brands and share fashion tips. What I’m doing right now is my dream, I’ve always hoped to show people what my fashion favourites are, if I ever launched a collection or collaboration. Now, I’m very proud I did that.

Everyone has their own fashion rule and I make mine every day according to my mood and what I love. I want to tell everyone: choose whatever makes you happy, confident and chic. Everybody has their own sense of style, and they should wear clothes to express themselves more, without following trends or fashion rules.

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