The Dubai Women’s Establishment launches a new five-year strategy…

A new plan to help get more women participating in the job market has just been unveiled.

Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of the UAE Gender Balance Council and President of Dubai Women Establishment, revealed the DWE’s strategy for the next five years on Tuesday.

The plan, which is divided into four pillars, is designed to further promote the contribution of women in the country’s economic and social future.

“The strategy has been developed in line with the key objectives of the UAE’s strategic plans to promote a culture of innovation throughout the nation, and will support DWE’s continued efforts to promote the vital contribution of Emirati women in shaping the UAE’s economic and social future, enhancing the level of female participation across various sectors, and boosting the UAE’s competitiveness on a global level,” said Sheikha Manal.

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“We are very proud of what we’ve achieved in enhancing the representation of Emirati women across various industries.

“DWE has played an important role in Dubai’s ongoing success story, by highlighting women in leadership and reducing the gender gap, and through our ongoing efforts in supporting key national priorities such as youth, happiness and innovation.”

 Dubai Women’s Establishment

So, what exactly is in this new strategy?

The 2017-2021 plan is broken down into four key areas, which are as follows:

Catalyst for Change: As part of this, the DWE will provide recommendations to shape policies which promote women’s participation in the workforce. Suggestions include making flexible work hours for women, to help them find better work-life balance.

Research and Knowledge Hub: This section means the DWE will continue to analyse the needs and barriers facing women through research. In fact, the DWE announced it’ll release a new report, called Emirati Women and the Labour Market: The Power of Choice, next month, which should make enlightening reading. The DWE hopes its research and insights will create a “gender-friendly work environment which both attracts and retains talented Emirati women”.

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Representation and Strategic Partnerships: The DWE will collaborate with private and public sector partners on initiatives that “enhance the capabilities of Emirati women and strengthen their position in society”. The DWE hope these partnerships will also highlight the career options available to women, and encourage them to join the workforce.

Development and Capacity Building: Through this, the DWE will create interactive training programmes and development courses to help women develop their skills in a range of sectors.

Sounds pretty thorough, huh?

“We firmly believe that Dubai is a place where nothing is impossible, and Emirati women have an important part to play in the continued success and development of the emirate,” said HE Mona Al Marri, Chairperson of the Board of DWE.

“Building on our achievements, our long-term strategic vision will continue to provide Emirati women with the right tools, capabilities and opportunities to achieve their goals. We’re looking forward to supporting the aspirations of more talented women in the years to come.”

We’re excited to see what the next five years have in store…

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Images: Getty, Dubai Media Office