She wrote and recorded ‘Cold’ in two days

A 13-year old Dubai teenager has written and released her first song.

Called ‘Cold’, Leah Depala and recorded it in two days. Mentored by singer Iranian singer Layla Kardan and produced by Ayham Homsi, it looks at a hypothetical failed relationship.


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“I wanted to write a song that people can relate to,” she said. “You don’t need to have experienced something to be able to feel it. It’s like crying when you watch a movie. It’s not necessarily happening to you but you can feel their pain.”


Leah isn’t the only teenager to be making waves in the Middle East. A 15-year old became the youngest ever Saudi Arabian author this week. Leena Althekair wrote her book Foreshadow: Trapped in Her Own Mind in 2017, when she was 14.

Leah is set to continue working in the industry, where she will write her next song and album.

‘Cold’ is now available to stream on iTunes, Apple, Spotify and Anghami.

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